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Personal engine

The engine of an aircraft is usually not evaluated according to horsepower, but according to the thrust generated by the engine. What is the discrepancy between a private turbo prop and a private jet? We are often asked about the differences between a private jet and a private Turboprop airplane charters. You can see the prop structure of a King Air aeroplane. Technically, it's all about the engine guy who drives the plane.

Inside a turbo propeller, the gas generated by the engine drives a prop, which in turn produces the airplane's performance.

If it has a jet engine, on the other hand, the waste gas generates a directed energy known as " thrust ". On the outside of the airplane the turbo prop will have apparent propulsion, while a jet will not. However, newer turbo-props are getting ever quicker and softer, and it is not fair to say that prop planes are less good.

Indeed, there are many flying styles when turbo-prop planes are perfect. It is more fuel-efficient and therefore more cost-effective than a jet airplane for flying shorter distances and regions. Thanks to their agile nature, they can be landed at aerodromes with shorter take-off and landing strips (in some cases even on grassy or other unpaved surfaces).

What private Turboprop planes are most favored? Beechcraft King Air is the best known and most loved turbo pro for private use. Other propeller planes are also seeing increasing numbers. Elegant and quick, this twin-jet turbo-propeller is a great alternate to a small 1,500nm jet with a roomy cab and outstanding baggage handling area.

Another plane that is becoming increasingly attractive to our customers is the single-engine turbo prop, the Pilatus PC-12. Last year's new European legislation has enabled single-engine turbo-props to offer private business charters. We therefore expect more and more PC-12s to come onto the rental boat this year.

Learn more about the PC-12 in our Q&A movie with one of Europe's leading aviation experts: Which are the benefits of a private turbo-prop-plane? Privately owned jet planes, such as the Legacy 650, offer more cruising distance and greater airspeed. What is a private jet better than a turbo prop?

Of course, there are certain periods when a jet is clearly a better option than a turbo prop. One of the advantages of a jet compared to a turbo-prop is that it can be used as a jet: Round-the-clock, our competent flight team is at your disposal to advise you which airplane is best suited to your flight schedule.

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