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Unexpected charges appear in some taxi cabin reservations in the Bay Area.

A study by 7 On Your Side has shown that many taxi drivers pay an unlawful charge and don't even know it. It is not only most travellers who are not aware of this practise, but apparently also most regulatory authorities. Grag Klenske often goes on holiday on business. Recently, he took a taxi from Oakland International and used his $68 airfare with his major bank account.

"He said, "I reviewed my credential bill a months later and realized there was a $74 bill instead of a $68 bill. Calling the 800 number on his receipts, he received the message that a $6 coupon had been added, something that surprised him. "For someone who fills in the credential, looks in the taxi or talks to the taxi operator, I don't think it would be clear that I would pay a coupon fee," Klenske said.

However, it was in small print that it was said -- a coupon charge of $3 per person and in even smaller printing it was said for trips over $50, extra coupon charges are automatic. There is a charge levied by a firm named Taxi Pass. "Taxipass offers non-cash means of paying for travel by letting them buy a prepaid taxipass voucher," said Jason Diaz, the taxi pass's founding member.

Klenske says he didn't buy a coupon, he just gave the taxi rider his plastic. "We have alerted the town of Oakland and the taxi fee administration to this. "Actually, I didn't know much about taxi passes, nothing at all," said Arturo Sanchez from the municipal administration offices.

However, the Municipality continued to investigate it and checked it with the Municipality Prosecutor, who came to the conclusion that the charge was prohibited by both the State and the Town. "When you add a supplement for services that are provided, it is a breach of our local rules for taxi operators and taxi businesses to pass that supplement on to the passenger," Sanchez said.

The taxi pass recognises that other jurisdiction in other states have also reproached it for this. "None of these are forbidden under California or Oakland law," Diaz said. 7 Riders on your side spoke to say that they like the programme because it will save them moneys. "It' good for the riders, but not for the passengers," said taxi operator Nirmal Gill.

Nevertheless, the town of Oakland has sent the taxi pass and taxi operators and driver's notes requesting them to stop charging the supplement. We will do our best to ensure that this is done quickly and easily, and we believe that our taxi operators will adhere to the regulations," Sanchez said.

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