Gta Vice City Taxi Mission Reward

The Gta Vice City Taxi Mission Reward

Taxis are very easy missions and can bring you a good profit over time. Self-justice missions are quite challenging, but they also give good rewards. What are my taxi missions in Vice City? ( and feared ) gangsters, but there is another way to earn a crust and a reward for additional health points.

100 percent completeness guide for GTA

It' obviously so, but you'll have to go through the real storyline and all the band mission games to be 100% complete.... because Tommy has to assassinate six boys.... and the sniper rifle are dumped near the telephone. Tommy is rewarded with $4,000.

Tommy gets a sniper rifle for this deal. After the deal, Tommy will get $8,000. Delivery. This is a complete listing of rewards: Tommy is given $100,000. After Tommy completes the 12th stage, he becomes refractory. You' ll find this particular car in Little Havana on the mainland of Vice City, in the boardwalk to the north.

Once you have completed stage 12, the maximum armor is raised by 50% and is one stage nearer 100% final. Taxi driver. It'?s my favorite mission. All you have to do is take a taxi around that takes passengers from A to B. You have to buy a 100% 100% fare for the trip.

As soon as you close your last ticket, you can skip with your taxi. The only thing Tommy has to do for most fortunes is do some missionary work. In that case, I'll just say how many mission there are for the facility - I won't describe all of them.

Once you've bought the $60,000 studios, you can start playing some asset mission games. Upon completion of all these mission, Tommy will receive a $15,000 package, a skimmer will be spawning near the studios and the film studios will be generating revenues (Max $7,000) and Bite leaflets will be released throughout the city.

Altogether there are 4 assets mission. Upon completion of the mission, Tommy will receive a grand aggregate of $58,000 and the bank job outfit. And the only mission is to invest $300 in dance. Then Tommy will make $4,000 a damned day. Tommy can complete the three assets mission after he buys Kaufman Cabs for $40,000.

This mission will receive a reward totaling $8,000, and a new and specialized taxi called Zebra Taxi will be spawning inside the taxi shed. You will then have to go through 2 mission that will reward Tommy with a 7,000 prize after you have completed these mission. The print shop will be a profit that will earn you 8,000 dollars every die.

Once the Ice Cream Assets missions are completed, the site will earn up to $2,000. There are no emissions from this installation. When Tommy wants to get this challenging action going, he has to climb a Sanchez parking spot on the dirt track in the city centre. There is NO timing to this challenging, the only thing that matters is that Tommy reaches the end without actually die.

For the first four instances when you start this mission, some Haitians will follow Tommy with Macheten. You' ll get $100 for Tommy. It' also a big challange on the dirt track in downtown, but this year Tommy has to ride a Landstalker. This mission can be continued as much as trials by dirt, but the forth is Tommy being followed as some P.I.G. plays.

He is rewarded with $100, but that number increases as Tommy breaks a new one. Altogether there are 4 helicopter mission. For each task there is a listing of the sites. Tommy has to go to the lower part of the house, go to the rose check-point and select one of the 6 heats.

This is a complete listing of all racing and all charges and rewards: Get into a Top Fun Van in the car park near the North Point Mall as in the last one. When Tommy's done first, he gets $100. On the last RC mission, Tommy has to check one RC helicopter and get all 20 check points.

Tommy has to get in to take part in the mission - once again a top fun van at Escobar International Airport. After this mission, Tommy gets $100. The Vercetti Estate becomes a new security house after the Rub Out mission has been played. Inside the Heckenlabyrinth there will always be a blank Infernus that Tommy can find a sniper rifle, and on the southern side there will be a Sea Sparrow if Tommy has 80 or more concealed parcels to collect.

Tommy will be able to recruit bodyguards. It will also make many changes visually as you go through the major storyline or make side trips. But the only reward is a small amount of cash for each tantrum and 1% nearer 100% complete. There' 36 one-of-a-kind parachute stunts spread all over Vice City.

After the last vault Tommy gets 100 $ for each jumping and after the last one TOmmy is rewarded with 10.000 $. Tommy gets a faster recharge for all guns after reaching 45 points. There' s a whole 15 shops Tommy can loot. In order to steal a shop, Tommy must go into the shop while pointing his gun at the writer; if you stop pointing, the alert is triggered.


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