Private Jet Price Range

Price range for private jets

SPECIMEN PRIVATE JET CHARTER COSTS. Route planning (one way), recommended aircraft, price range. What does it cost to own and run a CitationX private jet?

Exemplary overview of operational costs per year. Approximately $1,075,202 or $1,688,733 for 400 flight times per year is the overall budgeted amount for 200 flight/year. While the Citation X's top velocity is 604 mb ps, it is more likely to reach an average of 483 mb ps at lower climbing, traveling and descent rates, which corresponds to an avarage price per kilometer of about $11.13 at 200 hrs per year.

By flying 400 hrs per year, you can distribute the entire overhead over more flying time, which will reduce your per milage to $8.74. What does it take to buy a Cessna Citation 750? Pricing ranges from $2,475,000 to $4,995,000, of which 41 are currently for sale. 3,000,000 of the price are for the first time in the history of the company.

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What does the lowest price private jet cost?

HondaJet is the only luxury private jet you can have at an accessible price. Since they are all very intimate with Honda, they began manufacturing planes in 2003 and have done a great deal of work in assembling this one. At $4.5 million, the benefits of a private jet will be in the pockets of many of you.

In fact, it is the Cirrus Vision SF50: This is the first jet from Cirrus Aircraft, powered by a mono motor, can carry 6 persons on a plane at 345 km/h at 28,000 ft, and even has a canopy! You only need one flyer that can reach 1,200 nm (?.200 km).

It' all yours at an amazing price of... $1.96 million. However, if one refers as "jet" only to airplanes with power plant and not to genuine private planes, I think that the least expensive jet in the whole word is the CriCri, although it does not seem to be available at the moment:

Thanks for your feed back! It'?s confidential, your personal information. The Vision Jet is currently the cheapest private jet on the open skies at $1.96 million. It is about half the price of its closest rival. This is the first private jet with a unique jet powerplant and can be flown by a unique pilots, which helps to keep manufacturing and running cost low.

What is new is that it is the Cirrus, as described in another response. Cirrus is an extraordinary airplane - in a way nearer to a automobile than to a private commercial jet. There is no toilet, it has a car-friendly cab, it will only cross with 300 kn or so, and with 800 pounds load capacity it has about 800 mile range.

So, it's fantastic as an alternate to reciprocating airplanes, but it's really a "personal jet". Had I been, I'd either get a Cirrus or get tall (used) and skip the VLJ series. The price of used, medium and large jet aircrafts has fallen. They can get all types of interesting, much much much bigger and more powerful planes for 2 million dollars.

A King Air Twin-Turboprop that loads quicker than the Cirrus with more range and, whatever your type and how you run it, has hours of straight line expenses nominal to the Cirrus (although the maintenance of 2 power plants will of course be more than one). Thanks for your feed back!

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