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Eric and I flew and had a great tour through Maui, Molokai and Lanai. It is our aim that EVERYONE can experience the thrills of flight on the islands of Hawaii! It is our aim that EVERYONE can savour the thrills of flight on the islands of Hawaii! Young or old, first or experienced pilots, certificated or not, locals or visitors..

.YOU CAN see the sky over our tropic paradise...and take a flight while you're at it! Hours of flight, aircraft rental, inter-island flight sightseeing, whale watching from the air, volcano, romantic sunset flights and much more!

Featuring a 180 hp Airplaines motor rebuild, genuine cowhide trim, Armin electronics and headset for all travelers. Chief pilot opvick kar returns from a recent Kona pup recovery assignment. It'?s a little bit of a locals band.

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Do you have an aircraft rental company in Maui? It was 15 years ago and you can believe that only $100 an an hour could accommodate up to 4 persons inclusive of pilots. what a great opportunity to come near and personally.

Stop in Hana for laughs and finding colleges of acule and hear of feral kids. Well, that was a half decades ago, but a fast quest for Kahului Airport gave me this shortcut and I was looking for a place to go. Due to lack of activity, this thread has been dropped for new postings.

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Aircraft rental in Hawaii

Indicator name: We go to Hawaii every year (not this year, we have added one to our familiy on the 10.2. and my woman does not make bathing fashion during pregnancy). We' re going back in February, and I want to know if anyone rents in Hawaii. Indicator name: Now offers reversed rebates.

Oahu - I had an archipelago trip with one of Moore Aviation's F CIs and they seemed to have their things together. Beautiful airplanes, low rates for non-club members. I' d support the Moore Aviation commendation if you were on Oahu. Indicator name: I recently flown with Maui Aviators LLC in Maui.

Pricing was good (island prices) and the 172SP was a 2006 one. The Maui is CERTAIN and fly around the island with my familiy was a great extra for the holiday. When you don't feel at ease to fly with SERIOSEM wind, I would fly a little on windny day to remain competent.

A few archipelagos have passat wind averaging the high 20s to low 30s and provide some interesting carryings ( 30% GS). Hawaii fly is an IMHO point.

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