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The SkyTeam Go Round the World Tickets allow you to travel from a. A circumnavigation is a product that allows travelers to fly around the world at a relatively low price. Take a look at the available tours and book tickets. I have lost or stolen my tickets, can I replace them? Does Pop-up Globe have air conditioning or heating?

Tours & Exhibitions / Shakespeare's Globe

Accompanied by our experienced travel guide, you will be taken on a stunning journey through the legendary Globe Theatre, which brings the room to live with colorful tales of the Globe 1599, its rebuilding in the 90s and how the wood "O" now functions as an inventive and experiential theatre room. The guided visits last approx. 40 min, involve admission to our exhibitions and are in English.

Since we are a working theater, viewing hours depend on production plans. The Globe Theater trips sometimes take place during practice, giving you the chance to take a look behind the scene. If there are performers on stages, please do not take photos and obey specific directions from our kind guide.

The Globe Theater Family Tour takes place at 11:00. Our Globe Theater guided tour accompanies the show and explores the lives of Shakespeare, the London he used to live in and the theater for which he was writing. At 00 o'clock our exposition can be visited alone or as part of one of our guided visits.

Audioguide contains up to one lesson of information in nine languages* and 45 min of custom-made audioguides in native language for younger people. Audioguide available in Englisch, Französisch, German, Spanisch, Italienisch, Russian, Japanisch and Mandarin. Contents of videos are available in sign language with sub-titles in UK.

The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, opened in 2014 and named after the Globe's founding father, investigates the experience of performers and audience indoors, as opposed to the wider venues of open-air theaters such as the Globe. Explore the effects on Shakespeare's writings in his belated pieces and more on this one-of-a-kind touring.

The guided visits last about 30 min, involve admission to our showroom and are in English. There is no admission to the Globe Theater in the ticket for this adventure. Spielhaus guided visits are only possible at certain hours of the year. Look back to find out upcoming trip details. Explore the archeological site of Bankside's first theater, The Rose, along with a walk along the waterfront promenade that emphasizes interesting historic sight.

The guided tour lasts about 40 min, includes the admission to our showroom and is in English. There is no admission to the Globe Theatre on the ticket for this adventure. Shakespeare's Southwark Tour is available on most afternoon days as an alternate to the Globe Theatre Tour when shows block them. Ticket are available at the front of our showroom.

Make an memorable event for your group in Shakespeare's Globe. Combination your guided tour and your exhibit tour with one of the many shore side rides, Elizabethan practice shows or Swan Restaurant & Bar to make the Shakespeare Tag your best choice. For groups of 15 or more persons, the visits must be booked in advanced and we offer guided tours and exhibitions at reduced prices.

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