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sspan class="mw-headline" id="History">History[edit]

Soldotna is a homeland rule[5] town in the Kenai Peninsula Borough, in the US state of Alaska. This is the headquarters of the Kenai Peninsula district. The Soldotna is situated in the south-central part of Alaska in the central-western part of the Kenai Peninsula. Boundary extends over 7 sq km along the Kenai River, which flows into Cook Inlet in the near town of Kenai.

Kenai River was chosen by CNN Travel as one of World's 15 Best Rivers for Travelers for its angling and shooting capabilities. Soldotna is situated on the west side of the huge Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, a sanctuary covering almost 2 million hectares, home to bear, elk, caribou, lamb and many different kinds of game.

Situated at the intersection of the Sterling Highway and the Kenai Spur Highway, Soldotna has developed into a center of services and commerce for the Central Peninsula and travellers between Anchorage and Homer. Central Peninsula Hospital provides care for the health needs of the region's inhabitants and visitors.

Kenai Peninsula College, a subsidiary of the University of Alaska Anchorage, runs the Kenai River Campus in Soldotna. In addition, the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, the Kenai Peninsula Borough and the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District are headquartered in the town. After World War II in 1947, the United States Administration retreated a number of Townships along Cook Inlet and Lower Kenai River from the Kenai National Moose Range and opened the area for occupation under the Homestead Act.

The same year the Sterling Highways from Cooper Landing to Kenai were freed from tree cover. Soldotna's current position was chosen as the site for the Kenai River motorway overpass. Sterling Hwy was built to connect the Soldotna area to the outside worlds.

Soldotna Post was opened in 1949, other companies were opened in the next few years. 1964 the Kenai Peninsula College, the Kenai Peninsula Borough and the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District were founded. Located at the crossroads of two important motorways and the Kenai Peninsula developing petroleum industries, the rapidly growing urban populace in the sixties to the nineties was a key factor in the city's success.

With the increasing maturity of the town and the petroleum industries, demographic expansion has decelerated somewhat, although the town grew more between 2000 and 2010 than in the last ten years. The United States Census Bureau estimates that the town has a surface area of 7.4 sq. m. (19 km2), of which 6 are 6 acres.

Like much of south-central Alaska, Soldotna has a temperate sub-arctic temperate climatic (Köppen Dfc) due to the cold summer, although the daily fluctuation in temperatures is greater than most places in the area. The Soldotna first emerged as an unregistered hamlet in the 1960 US census. In the 2010 US census[13] 4,163 persons lived in 1,720 homes in the town.

Race composition of the town was 86 per cent white, 0. 3 per cent white or African-American, 4. 3 per cent indigenous, 1. 6 per cent Asiatic, 0. 3 per cent Pacific Islands, 0. 8 per cent other breeds and 6. 6 per cent African-American, 0. 8 per cent indigenous, 0. 6 per cent Asiatic, 0. 3 per cent Pacific Islands, 0. 8 per cent other breeds and 0. 8 per cent other breeds. In 2012, the average revenue per households in the cities was $44,805[13], and the average revenue per families was $56,208.

Per capita incomes in the town were $30,553. Amundsen Education Centre is a non-profit education and professional college on the outskirts of the town. The Soldotna Waldorf Education Centres are managed by the Kenai Peninsula Borough District Education Committee (KPBSD). Soldotna elementary, Redoubt elementary and California beach Elementary are among the primary publics.

Pupils in the 9th class visit the Soldotna Preparation College before transferring to Soldotna High for classes 10-12. Among the alternate colleges are the Soldotna Montessori of the Kenai Peninsula Borough, the over 150 K-6 class pupils and the River City Academy, which has over 70 7-12 class pupils. The Cook Inlet Academy is a privately owned, non-denominational christian academy on California Beach Road.

Soldotna Visitor's Center, situated on the Kenai River Bridge, features exhibitions of browns and blacks, Dall lambs, bisons, wolverines, white-headed sea-eagles, hillbills, queen prawns, various species of bird and royal salmon. Here you can see the world's record-setting species of game. Near the Soldotna Visitor's Center is the Soldotna Visitor's Center, home to the Soldotna Museum, a museum of ancient buildings, such as the Slikok Valley School and farmhouse cubicles.

Joyce K. Carver Memorial Libraries on Binkley Street were rebuilt in 2013 to provide the larger Soldotna Fellowship with multimedia assets. There are six desktops and two notebooks for easy viewing and free Wi-Fi for those with Wi-Fi. Kenai Watershed Forum (KWF) is a non-profit organisation based in the historical Ralph Soberg House in Soldotna Creek Park.

KWF is committed to maintaining the water sheath integrity of the Kenai Peninsula. Programmes range from Stream Watch, which educates Russia's and Kenai River protection workers, a 6-12 year-old youth camps, and environment recovery programmes that range from intrusive crop repair and river bed rehabilitation to reconfiguration/replacement siphoning.

Kenai National Wildlife Refuge comprises 1.92 million hectares in a wide range of eco-systems, among them icefields and creeks, Bergtundra, northern boreal forest and lake, wetland and river. Chickaloon River Flats are still the last untouched large salt water mouth on the Kenai Peninsula, attracting tens of millions of migratory and wading birds every year.

Kenai National Wildlife Refuge Visitor's Center is situated on Ski Hill Road near the junction of Funny River Road and Sterling Highway. Kenai Peninsula Bird Festival is a three-day activity that features led floating tours, led hikes, and bird workshop. Kenai Peninsula Beam Festival features life concerts, meals and tastings from Peninsula's own breweries and Anchorage.

Frozen River Festivals is an open-air windbreak event in Soldotna Creek Park organized by brewers and wine estates in the state of Alaska. Kenai River The Kenai River Festival will be a two-day event and benefit for the Kenai River. The Soldotna Progress Days is an annually two-day event that features a Netherlands kiln contest, a Sawfest (chainsaw cutting contest), stalls, concerts, a craft bar and other activities.

Peninsula's Winter Games last three whole day and are primarily targeted at kids, with face paint, icebowling, the indigenous teen Olympic Games, and the Stanley Chrysler Cup for field Hockey. Sterling Highway passes through and links the east and centre parts of the town. It crosses with the beginning of the Kenai Spur Highway, widely known as "Soldotna Y" due to its earlier Y-shaped layout, and is a typical Kenai landmark.

Kenai Spur Highway links the districts in the north-central part of the town with other parts of Soldotna, borders the Ridgeway and beyond to Kenai, Salamatof and Nikiski and ends at Cook Inlet in the Captain Cook State Recreation Area. Soldotna's westerly parts are linked by suburban streets (east of the Kenai River) and the California Beach Road (west of the river).

"The K-Beach " as it is often called is a bend western of the Sterling Highway. It stretches at its north end across the most southern parts of the perimeter of the town ( the Kenai Peninsula College and Soldotna Sports Center) and adjacent California. K-Beach leads further past the town boundaries and offers alternative Kenai entry along the southern side of the Kenai River via the Warren Ames Memorial Bridge, the last street cross downstream, then further westwards and southwards and back to the Sterling Highway at Kasilof.

The Funny River Road leads east from the K-Beach Road's northerly terminal and connects the Sterling Highway with Soldotna International Base (see below), Kenai National Wildlife Refuge Headquarter and Funny River. The Soldotna International Airports (FAA LID and IATA: SXQ, ICAO: PASX) is a publicly utilised urban airfield situated in the southeast of the border, opposite the Kenai River and the centre of the town.

The main entrance to the terminal is the Funny River Road, just off the Sterling Highwayjunction. Local transport is provided via CARTS (Central Area Rural transit System),[17] an on-demand shuttlesystem that serves the municipalities of Kenai, Soldotna, Funny River, Kasilof, Nikiski and Sterling. The CARTS does not work like a traditional "city bus", there are no regular routings, there are no buses or buses.

Soldotna has eleven amusement and commemorative parks: In the Swiftwater area there are camping sites, riverside accommodation, boating, motorhome sites, timber and icecream facilities and toilets. In the Centennial Gardens there are camping sites, riverside accommodation, a boating trip, motorhome landfills, timber and iceberg accommodation and toilets. The Rotary Parc has an entrance to the riverside.

The Soldotna Creek Gardens have a riverside connection, amphitheatre, communal play area, pavilion picnics, toilets and open greens. Kenai Watershed Forum is also situated in the grounds of the historical Ralph Soberg House. The Memorial Gardens are the municipal graveyard and the column. In addition, the town has Arc Lake, which is on the Sterling Highway just South of the town boundary.

The Tsalteshi Trails (http://www.tsalteshi. org) are situated just South of Soldotna with two trailerheads behind Skyview Middle School and opposite Soldotna Sports Center on California Beach Road. Soldotna Regional Sports Complex was home to the Kenai River Brown Bears, a stage II youth squad that competed in the Northern American League.

Soldotna is home to the Kenai Peninsula Municipality and the Kenai Peninsula Borough School district. Donald E. Gilman River Centre is a multi-agency centre for permits, information and training on Funny River Road near Soldotna International Airfield. Located within the Centre are employees of the Alaska State Parks Authority, the Kenai Peninsula Borough (including conservation of habitats, flood zone managers and programmes for coastlines), the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the Kenai Watershed Forum.

Central Peninsula Hospitals is the biggest peninsular health facility[23] with 49 wards, an acute ward and areas of expertise such as familial health, otolaryngology, obstetrics, general surgeries, neuro, OB/GYN, eye health, orthopaedics, paediatrics, cardiology, podiatry, mental health and radiation. Soldotna is home to many smaller health service and health-related companies who are looking to take full advantage of the close vicinity of the Central Peninsular Hospitals.

Among Dazu gehören Peninsula Community Health Services of Alaska, Heritage Place Nursing Home, Hospice of the Central Peninsula, Frontier Community Services, Bridges Community Resource Network, Kenai Spine und Soldotna Professional Pharmacy, unter anderem. Kenai Peninsula is a tourist destination that focuses on open-air pursuits, which includes angling, shooting, hiking, camp and canoeing/rafting.

Soldotna offers several urban, publicly accessible gardens along the Kenai River. There are all five Pacific types of fish in the stream, as well as other salmonidae such as Dolly Varden and brownrout. Solotna is also within easy reach of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, the Tsalteshi Trails and various inland waters (Kenai and Kasilof Rivers, Soldotna and Slikok Creeks as well as Skilak and Tustumena Lakes).

The NFL footballer Travis Hall was a native of Soldotna and grew up near Kenai, Alaska. The choreographer Emily Johnson was borne in Soldotna. Lindow Brock, leader of the post-metal vocal group 36 Crazyfists, was originally from Soldotna. Soldotna Town Mayor & Council. Town Soldotna. Soldotna Home Rules Charters Passports.

Clarion Peninsula. AC SOLDOTNA 5SSW". Oceanic and atmospheric national administration. Kenai River Campus: Catch Anderson " WHOPER " his way, Peninsula Clarion, May 20, 1985. Les Anderson, chinook laughs champion maker, died at the tender age of 84, Peninsula Clarion, 28 August 2003. Craig Medred, "Anderson's giant Kenai Kingdom stays the standard" Archived on June 13, 2013 at the Wayback Machine.

World Record Salmon, Soldotna Chamber of Commerce (accessed 11 May 2013). The Central Peninsula Hospital.

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