Nyc Helicopter Transfer

Helicopter transfer Nyc

The ground transport between your helicopter and the connecting flight is guaranteed. Enjoy the panoramic view and arrive relaxed with Liberty's single- or twin-engined air-conditioned jet helicopters. Helicopter service Metroport from New York to Hampton.

United' s new helicopter transfer to Manhattan

push ({flush: true}); United fly to Newark and you can't take the trouble to sit in traffic on the way to Manhattan? Or, you could try a new feature that United silently launched a few months ago. For its high taxiing customers, the airline's new on-demand comfort is a helicopter ride from the EEA to one of three Manhattan helicopter landing pads, which includes a transfer between the air base and the helicopter take-off point.

It'?s less than 10 mins. by plane. Only $2,099 - but that's up to three people, which could reduce it to just $700 per people. Newark' a little over 18 leagues from Manhattan's West Side. Driving times on the roads are generally 40-45 driving hours, with no significant disruption to service.

In addition to the recent opening of United's Polaris Lounges in Newark' Line C and the new offering of direct entry to an exclusively owned Los Angeles International passenger base, this is just another example of United's efforts to reduce the logistic load of travelling for its wealthiest clients.

Ever since United merged all its long-haul activities in New York into Newark a few years ago, the company has been working to persuade clients that travel between Manhattan and the EEA is even quicker than the JFK slogan. A little over a year ago, Delta launched a similar policy for its New Yorkers, and offered on-demand choice battles between Manhattan and its JFKub.

United' s supplier for the new services options is HeliFlite, which provides on-demand and charters helicopter services in the North East, Southern Florida and Chicago areas. Do you ever or would you fly a helicopter from town to town?

Helicopter transfer from New York Airports to Lower Manhattan

Jump over the anger of the New York masses, transportation and mass transit - you earn something better. Instead, take this personal helicopter ride from one of New York's three main New York airfields (JFK, LaGuardia and Newark) to Lower Manhattan like a real celebrity. The high-end transfer takes you there in less than 10 moments and is therefore ideal for corporate travellers.

You will also be spoiled with breathtaking air photos of the town. Once you land at John F Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport or Newark Liberty International Airport - the three large New York region served international flights - board a helicopter for a quick transfer to Lower Manhattan.

Whilst everyone else is dealing with the trouble of using local transportation, taxi or rental car, you are immediately blown up in a deluxe, state-of-the-art helicopter. During your helicopter ride, you will be able to take an unhindered view of New York. Please note: Prices are per capita per day assuming four adult per helicopter.

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