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Hire a jet with American Air Charter. Private flight, business jet charter, helicopter charter and charter flights. The North American Air Charter is dedicated to providing safe and efficient world-class management and travel services for business jets. Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews about Nort American Air Charter in Ronkonkoma, NY. In South America private flight charter offers privacy, efficiency and flexibility to ensure a pleasant time travel.

The Cessna Citation Sovereign 2006, fitted with WIFI, is a truly exceptional plane.

The Cessna Citation Sovereign 2006, fitted with WIFI, is a truly exceptional plane. It' s supreme power enables this 7-passenger plane, which is wonderfully fitted, to take off from take-offs and landings normally used by slow turboprobes, and still cruise at 510 mbph within a range of up to 3000 mile. Standing cabins, a personal toilet, AirShow 400, a TV set, a TV, a DVD and many other comforts make for a really pleasant time.

Quote sovereign amenities: The Cessna Citation Sovereign 2007 is a truly amazing plane. It' s supreme power allows this 9-passenger plane, which is wonderfully equipped to take off from airstrips normally used by slow turbo-props, and still travels at 510 mbph within a range of up to 3000 mile. Standing room, toilet, AirShow 4000, TV, and many other conveniences ensure a really pleasant time.

Quote sovereign amenities: This Sabreliner offers comfortable, high-quality hide at 500 km/h cruise and 2,150 nm outreach. Not only is the Sabreliner a quick and economic plane to get you to your destinations quickly and cost-effectively, but its 8-person setup also offers plenty of room for your buddies and families.

I' m sorry, I' m sorry, Sabereliner comforts: I'm sorry: Featuring comfortable 336 km/h cruise speeds, this airplane offers comfortable leathers and can fly from St. Louis to Kansas City in 45min. It is the plane of your choosing for short journeys if you want to make some savings. Queen Air amenities: Pilatus' upgraded PC-12 NG travels around 320 mbph and can cover 1800 nm.

Today the Pilatus is one of the most beloved singles powered corporate jets on the aftermarket. He has earned this fame through his outstanding blend of capability, reach, performance as well as velocity while comfortably bathed his occupants. Pilate's amenities:

Charter fligths to the Karibik

Soak up your favourite islands & make a booking NOW! At Air America, we provide the services you need to get there simply and stylishly. Make your reservation NOW! Many is known as "La Isla Nena" (small girl's island) and "Isabel Segunda" (Isabel II), established in 1843. The Culebra is a favourite holiday resort for mainland Puerto Ricans and Americans.

Tortola, the centre of the Caribbean's most popular cruise areas, the Tortola Virgin Islands. The main attraction of St. Barts is its beach. From the 20 shores on the small isle. The Anegada, a 10 mile long and 2 1/2 mile broad isle with vast salty lakes, reached its highest point.

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