Last second Flight Deals

Last-second flight offers

There are 7 working days of flight offers that you can book now. We' re only two week away from Labor Days, the last three-day week-end of sommer. We' ve partnered with Airfarewatchdog to find flight offers for Honolulu, London and Los Angeles, all for less than $400 on the commemorative week-end. When you see a deals you like, make a quick booking - these rates won't stay close for long.

Deploy the savings you made on your flight to a luxury hotel in the Readers' Choice Award winner NIZUC Research Award winner NIZUC Spa & Restaurant. Every room has an open plan lounge and sea view, and outside of these, the residence has three giant ininity pools, two sandy areas and six Count'em, six dining rooms. When you are weary of the resorts (probability: low), take a snorkel trip through the MUSA Underwater Museum near by, full of more than 400 immersed life-size sculpture.

On either Saturday or Sunday, make sure you go to the superbly remote Bellows beach in the Waimanalo Bay Recreation Area (open only on weekends). For beginners, stay some quality diving at Gone Decking California to find your way in a semi-private course at Gone Decking California. As soon as you're done with the sand, you' re going to Honolulu's Chinatown.

A few of our favourite stopovers are Wing shave icecream for, you have it guess, shaving icecream; Hound & Quail for old household goods; and Char Hung Sut Restaurant for manapua, Hawaii's variation of China pig rolls. Lauderdale and Miami, which is only 30 minutes away by high-speed rail with the new Brightline.

At Ft. Lauderdale you register at the W or Ritz Carlton and stay most of the night on the beaches of your hotels. Take your own moment to stop at the Bonnet House Museum & Gardens, a 1920s house, arts centre and 35 hectare property. During your daily excursion to Miami, jump the sands and take the Little Havana F&C tour to get the Cuba bang (and food) for your money.

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