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Sri Lanka Military Force (SLAF) (Singhalese: Ila?kai ??? ???? ????? ??????, translated: Ila?kai vim??appa?ai) is the largest force of the Sri Lankan armed forces. In 1951 it was established as the Royal Ceylon-Air Force (RCyAF) with the support of the Royal Action Force (RAF). SLAF was an important force throughout the Sri Lankan civil war.

SLAF has more than 160 aeroplanes in operation and has a total of 27,400 pilots and 1,300 officer projections for both scheduled and standby operations. Sri Lanka's Luftwaffe specialises mainly in supporting surface troops, landings and aerial attacks on rebellious areas in north and east theatres, but is also able to carry out high and low levels of aerial defense.

He is the commander of the Sri Lankan Luftwaffe. During the first few years, the Luftwaffe was mainly involved in immigrant patrols, with incidental support in emergencies. Throughout the 1971 uprisings, the Luftwaffe was instrumental in re-establishing order and, in conjunction with the transportation of aid goods and forces, took part in attacks against fortresses.

After the 1983 ethnical unrest, the Luftwaffe was given constant operational statute and took part in counterinsurgency and aerial attacks operations in rebel-controlled areas of the North and East provinces. 1959 de Havilland Vampire jets were purchased. In 1971, the Royal Ceylon Military Forces began the fight when the Marxist JVP started an island-wide uprising on April 5.

Ceylon forces were surprised; policing posts all over the islands and the Ekala bases of RkyAF were assaulted in the first one. In response to the rapid reaction, the Rkyaf used its scarce aeroplanes to restore supplies to sieged policing posts and army pickets and for patrolling large towns. RAF's transport of heavily loaded cargo also took place in six Bell 47G US -based Bell 47Gs, which were put into service as quickly as possible after only five day flight instruction.

5 ] Luftwaffe staff followed the land operation, and when the rebels gave up combat after about a months, three of the many rehab centres set up for rebels were the responsibility of MCyAF. In 1987, the Luftwaffe had a workforce of 3,700, which included operating reserve assets. In its early years, the troop had slowly increased in size and in the sixties reached slightly more than 1,000 officers/recruits.

The SLAF was given the colour of President on 31 March 1976. In the same year, SLAF commands, which later became SLAF wards, were set up in Wirawila, Vavuniya and Minneriya. The Hawker Siddeley HS 748 was taken over by SLAF with the closing of Ceylon in 1978. At the beginning of the 80s the props and all Sovjet airplanes had been taken out of action and stored in long-term camps, so that the Luftwaffe remained without any fighter/bomber-capabilities.

The fast pace of economic expansion began in the mid-1980s, when the Sri Lankan civil war against Tamil secessionists made the ministry an important long-term safety function. SLAF re-activated the Batticaloa, Anuradhapura, Koggala and Sigiriya airports, which had been closed since World War II and later became SLAF stations, in 1982. Between 1983 and 1987, during the First Elastic War, the troop increased by almost 50 per cent.

Like the other types of repair work, a lack of replacement parts has burdened servicing and forced the repair department to ship a number of planes for repair to Singapore and elsewhere. Following the acquisition of Canadian military gear in 1986, the Luftwaffe acquired the ability to carry out civil repair on its Bell helicopter squadron, some of which were destroyed during missions against Tamil separators.

Following the 1983 unrest, the authorities quickly worked to extend the scope of the SAF, largely drawing on resources in Italy, Britain and the United States. Due to scarce budgets, the SNLF was forced to convert a number of noncombat planes for strategic use in anti-terrorist missions against Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) terrorist groups.

Between 1983 and 1985 the Luftwaffe purchased 11 Bell 212 choppers, four Bell 412 choppers, three SF.260s, two Cessna 337s, a Hawker Siddeley HS 748 and two Beechcraft Super King Airs. Both the 412 and the SF.260 SLAF improved the SLAF's attacking capability.

In addition, the Luftwaffe used the Singapore Heli Orient to equip twelve Bell 212 and Bell 412 helidecks as cannon and transportation vessels for extremely effective command attacks. There was a Luftwaffe squadron of some eighty planes, sixty-four of which were due to be ready for service in early 1988.

More efficient bombardment capabilities were achieved with a small number of Chinese Harbin Y-12 turbo-prop carriers. A number of Cessna and de Havilland aircrafts were used for transportation, flight instruction and survey work. During Operation Vadamarachchi in 1987, the Luftwaffe assembled one HS 748, two Y-12 and one de Havilland Heron, all of which were designed as spontaneous attackers.

Shaanxi Y-8s were purchased by the Luftwaffe in 1987 and were later used for bomb attacks until 1992, when a Y-8 crash occurred during a bomb flight, all bomb attacks were halted by transportation planes. The SLAF purchased seven IAI vessels (six C. 2s and one TC. 2) from Israel[10] in 1996, and a further nine of these were added to the fleet by 2005.

SLAF currently runs two C.7s, eight C. 2s and two TC.2s. SLAF used these confirs to mount assaults on Tamil separately targeted areas of the rebellious Isle. The year 2000 saw the acquisition of new planes, including the Kfir C.7 and Mi-35, six special MiG-27 Mioyan land assault planes (which have been given since the Pucarás were eliminated for want of specialized land assault planes), a Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23UB coach and two Lockheed C-130 Hercules for transporting HGV.

Thirteen planes, among them two Kfir planes, a Mi-24 chopper and a MiG-27 plane hunter, were demolished on 24 July 2001 during the LTTE assault on the SLAF station Catunayake, part of Bandaranaike International Airport about 35 km northern of Colombo. Among the damaged planes were three naval trainer planes and five civil planes.

11 ] Many of these planes were later superseded. The Sri Lanka IFA has been alerted to a repetition of the 2001 terrorist attacks, with a very limited number of persons permitted to enter the terminals. SLAF members are guarding all airfields, even the SLAFs.

October 2008 saw the Luftwaffe claim its first air-to-air death when it said that one of its F-7G Chengdu F-7G fighters fired a Zlín Z 43 of the LTTE aerofoil while attempting to assault a Vavuniya baseside. In the last phases of the Spanish civil conflict, the SLAF conducted its largest number of missions, allowing narrow aerial assistance to the land and sea troops, and conducted selective bombardments on specific objectives.

With the reform of the civil inland carrier Helmours, the German Luftwaffe began to use its fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircrafts for civil transportation. The SLAF C-130 of the heavy lift squadron No. 2 flown a specific relief mission in December 2014 which transported important spare parts and equipment for the repairs of the demineralisation plant in Male from Singapore.

In Male, the failure of the demineralisation plant led to a frantic lack of potable wine, and the devices intended for repairs could not be operated in business planes, so the Maldives authorities asked the Sri Lankan authorities for help. In April 2015, after the Nepal seismic event, the Sri Lankan authorities reacted by using military assistance quotas, which included Luftwaffe crews.

They were flown to Nepal by a SLAF C-130 of Heavy Transport Squadron No. 2, followed by further relief operations. It was the first SLAF plane to be used in a salvage operation abroad. SLAF C-130 Hercules conducted reuse visits to its departments in the Central African Republic and Southern Sudan in 2016.

Luftwaffe has assisted the Sri Lankan army in all important missions; the Luftwaffe's chief of staff is the commander of Luftwaffe, from 2016[update]Air Marshal Kapila Jayampathy, who will report directly to the Minister of Defence. From the SLAF Colombo the commander of the Luftwaffe exerts operative and managerial command of the Luftwaffe.

Board of Directors Number 13; The Luftwaffe has four orders known as Zone Orders, each under the authority of an Luftwaffe Officers Commissioner for leadership and administration oversight. Zone Orders steer all airborne wing units, planes and aerial defenses; Zone Commanders are in charge of aerial and surface missions adopted by the Directorate of Mission at Luftwaffe Headquarters.

The Sri Lanka Luftwaffe No. 3 Anti-Aircraft Red Cross with 4 Indian Indra Mark II 2D systems and also the Sri Lanka Luftwaffe has Chinese JY-11 Low/Mid Hi/L 3-D monitoring systems and CETC YLC-18 3-D monitoring systems. Sri Lanka' Sarajevo Defense command, headquartered in Katunayake, is the Sri Lanka Defense Division (SLAF) commando in charge of coordinating surface and surface forces to sustain an unified domestic defensive capability.

36 ][37] The primary Radar base of the National Antiaircraft System is located on the highest peak, Pidurutalagala in Sri Lanka, at 2,524 meters (8,281 ft). Fighter Controllers and Traffic Controllers, Surveillance Systems, Surveillance Systems, Surveillance Systems, Radar Surveillance Systems, Operations Planes, Operations Planes, Operations Planes, Operations Planes, Operations Planes, Operations Air Branch - Fighter Controllers and Traffic Controllers, Surveillance Systems, Surveillance Systems, Radar Surveillance Systems, Fire Protection and Firefighting.

Logistics Supply chain and supply chains managment, supply and load masters, air fuel and air freight inspection, air movement inspection - MOVCON, facility inventory managment, receipt & inspection of replacement parts and replacement depot-ASD. The SLAF is the first VIP protection force in the SLAF to be equipped with the SLAF Air Borne Force. The SLAF Regiment SLAF. The SLAF Regiment éliteé.

Luftwaffenpolizei - SLAF Air Force Patrol - SLAF Air Force Patrol is situated where the SLAF is situated. Unconfirmed June 2015 accounts indicate that Sri Lanka has placed an order for a JF-17 season with the PAC JF-17 Thunder plane. A number of allegations were made in October 2015 that India had sold its HAL Tejas plane to Sri Lanka against the Pakistani JF-17.

The Sri Lankan authorities then clarified that no such transaction had been debated or executed and rejected the intelligence as pure conjecture. The Commission also looks forward to expanding its sea patrols with long haul aeroplanes suitable for this task and to re-establishing Marine Squadron No. 3 by considering the purchase of a special sea patrolling aeroplane with the option of purchasing the Lockheed P-3 Orion with the support of Japan.

Currently, most of the Sri Lankan Luftwaffe is engaged in defence and military missions within the country, while a restricted international mission is underway. As a result of the Sri Lankan civil war, the Luftwaffe has been in a constantly mobilized (including reservist) state since the 1980s (with the exception of a short 2002-2005 period).

Aerial and surface missions are conducted from 20 support points throughout the nation, including 6 support points with local wing units, 8 forward aerodromes, 4 earth wards and 2 SLAF regiment divisions. Katunayake International Airport's safety is guaranteed by the SLAF Regiment. The SLAF regiment is responsible for ground-based antiaircraft defense of important infrastructures.

Sri Lankan Air Force dispatched an aeronautical force under the United Nations Mission in the Central African Republic and Chad with a mission of three Mi-17 squadron 6 and 122 persons comprising pilot, engineer and other support crews. In 1952, under the direction of the British Royal Air Force, for the first time a flying course for Royal Ceylon Air Force Pilots was provided at the RAF station Negombo, a RAF airport in Katunayake.

A number of officer cadets also were trained to fly at the Royal AAF College in Cranwell, Lincolnshire, England. Following the British withdrawal from their Veylong base in 1967, the No. 1 Squadron (Flight Training School) was founded at SLAF China Bay in Trincomalee. As Tamil secessionist activity increased in the mid-1980s, the Luftwaffe increased its educational activity and hired international support aircraft to support the aircraft education programme.

High-ranking squadron commander and squadron commander officer positions are trained at Defence Services Command and Staff College (DSC) in Batalanda, Makola, which was founded in 1997 as Army Command and Staff College or at SLAF Junior Command & Staff College at SLAF China Bay in Trincomalee.

Basic education for military personnel and other ranges of ordinary and honorary personnel is provided independently by the Diyatalawa Military Staff in the Diyatalawa Military City, and also provides continuing education for military personnel of the regime. Subsequent to the education at the Diyatalawa Air Force, general tasks of (pilot) Offiziers-Kadetten are sent to the Air Force Academy for flying education and pilots are sent to the Technical College for Intermediate and Specialists for technical education in various professions.

Pilots are trained in Colombo's specialised installations, as are military personnel from other offices. Furthermore, every year about 25 military personnel are trained abroad, mainly in Great Britain, the Indian Luftwaffe and in recent years at the United States Academy of Avionics. A&STTS - SLAF Ekala - Intermediate & Skilled Worker Education.

Aeronautical technicians, rigid and rotary wings - airframe & engine, flight electronics, safety. Sri Lanka Air Force Regiment is a surface fighting force within the Sri Lanka Air Force that is in charge of the registration and defence of airports and associated facilities. The SLAF Regiment is in charge of the protection of all aerodromes and facilities with foot and armour unit.

This regiment is in charge of ground-based aerial defense of important civilian and army facilities. The Regiment Special Force is an élite force of the Sri Lanka Air Force, which is part of the SLAF Regiment. AFP is in charge of the maintenance of discipline and public order within the SLAF and its institutions.

Sri Lanka Air Force is part of the SLAF Regiment. It' the first SLAF task forces to be made. Provision of safety tasks for the commander of the Air Forces. VVIP / VIP safety tasks on instruction of the commander of the air forces.

Conducting covert anti-terror and emergency operations on the instructions of the Air Force Commander. Rescue and anti-hijack operations carried out on the instructions of the Air Force Commander. Conducting covert combined operations/special operations with the SL Army, SL Navy on the instructions of the Air Force Commander.

The further fortbildung findet in der Sri Lanka Army Special Force Trainingsschule in Maduruoya statt, Special Task Force, Special Boat Servic. Sri Lankan Air Force has started national flights to offer services to those travelling to Jaffna in the South, Trincomalee in the Northeast and Seegiriya.

Since SLAF is not a commercially organised organisation, this air transport was mainly established as a non-profit civil servant. SLAF again takes off on regular departures and, in addition to Helitours, also operates charters in order to offer travellers a further selection and dependable services. Harbin Y-12 aeroplanes are currently used for the transport of passengers.

59 ] All charters are launched from Ratmalana Air Force Base. Sri Lanka Air Force is the only country wide open air exhibition devoted exclusively to Sri Lanka Air Force aeronautics and histories. Founded in 1993 as an aircraft conservation and storage unit of SLAF Ratmalana, the building was re-opened on 5 November 2009 after renovation.

Historical airplanes, cars, uniforms as well as arms are on display in the exhibition. Parama Weera Vibhushanaya is the highest distinction for bravery conferred by the Sri Lankan military force. Among the beneficiaries of the Luftwaffe are: More than 23,790 persons of the Sri Lankan military force have been slaughtered since the beginning of the 1981 civilian conflict until its end in 2009, including Luftwaffe officials who have been slaughtered in the course of military service.

Among the remarkable members who have died are: The first woman officer to join the Luftwaffe was in 1972, in the Voluntary Luftwaffe,[6] today the SLAF Women's Wing recruits females for both the normal and voluntary services as officer and flightwoman. There are no male airmen in the Luftwaffe.

Even though women officer are not able to join the general pilots department, they can join any other department, such as the Slovenian Air Force Regiment and the Air Force Police. SAF C130. anti-aircraft cannon type SAFAF. SAF Mobile radarsystem. SAF Indra-I radars. SAF K-8 aircraft will be appearing on the 70-th anniversary of Liberty War.

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