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Moncton business man plans to introduce an app-based carpooling system in Moncton this autumn, with a regional taxi operator expressing concern about regulations and what they see as potentially harmful carpooling practices. "We' re not a taxi[service] and we' re not a limousine[service]," said Amer Khaled, the Moncton-based COO of technology and transportation services firm Gene Mobility Inc.

Carpooling - Humans are driving humankind for a better future." Work on the application, known as Gemoo, began in February 2016. Speaking in an interviewer, Khaled said he hoped it would be operational in Metro Moncton by October. Whilst Khaled distinguishes between his suggested services and conventional taxi services, locals still see him as a potentially competitive taxi company - and wonder how the laws and standards apply to carpooling.

"You can say what you want - it is still a competitor to the store as it is," said Fern Cormier, Manager of White Cab in Moncton, the Times & Transcript. Therefore it is competitive - and competitive is good as long as it is done right." Moncton City Council has a regulation that regulates taxi services, which includes license charges and security and cleanliness requirements.

Taxibo owners are charged a $110 charge for each vehicle and each rider is charged $55. Speaker Nicole Melanson said early this week cities are checking to see if "there is something of a regulatory standpoint that we need to look at as a community. Mr Cormier said the regulatory burden on app-based transport services could be a problem.

"If you call a cab, you know it comes from a firm that sends the auto. or you know that we have ways to follow this vehicle." And Khaled said that Gemoo can also follow their journeys.

GAOO driver must have a driver's license and at least two years practical driver training as well as proper penalty and driver logbooks. In addition, each driver attends a personal interview with the company's representative and their vehicles must undergo an overhaul. On Thursday, Khaled held a briefing with Moncton city officers to review his plan.

Khaled said that Gemoo currently has 31 riders registered with the application in Metro Moncton with the aim of having about 10,000 riders in Atlantic Canada within the next six month.

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