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Air Charter Guide is a printed publication that lists all charter aircraft operators, the fleet by home airport and FBO locations. Permanent buyer's guide for air charter. Permanent buyer's guide for air charter. It has been issued twice a year since 1986 and contains information that is not available in any other printed or on-line form. The guide is an essential tools both for charter clients with no previous knowledge and for branch insiders and also contains article about:

Geographic operators index -- Operators are organised by state and cities within the USA and by cities and countries in all other regions. You use this index to find an operand at a particular time. Index of jets -- all jets in a practical index by decreasing seatacity.

Cargo Specifications - provides a detailled listing of max cargo spaces for load, cube foot, door dimensions and location, and load capacity. You can use this index to compare certain cargoes with the corresponding carrier and the corresponding airplane. Luftrettungsdienste - lists in detail the medical aviation companies that provide the services they require.

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The already extensive Air Charter Guide on-line transport is anticipated to grow with the new function. FlyEasy was designed in collaboration with the Air Charter operator and brokers to provide customer specific information and uses user defined reporting to help these companies gain more charter sales and fight efficiency issues consistent with the Air Charter Guide's missions. As a result of the agreement, end-customers will be able to share information more flexibly and extensively, simplifying and improving accuracy.

The operators who use FlyEasy Fleet Director and are included in the Air Charter Guide have the option of booking their empty flights on using the FlyEasy system, which is simple and effective to use. "We' re pleased to be working with Penton, which supports operators and agents with our progressive technologies to help them encourage, commercialize and resell more charter.

This is a much needed improvement in the air charter industy and we believe it combines our strength in user-centric technologies and an open learning environment with Penton's unmatched market knowledge, powerful brands and core relationship with the airline communities," said Shaan Bhanji, co-founder and chief executive officer of FlyEasy.

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