Private Jet Weight

Weight of the private jet

No matter if with a commercial airline or with a private jet, there is no exception. Beside the size there is also the weight. Globally 6000 Developed to help you get things done - from running a busy get-together to getting a good night's rest, the 6000 is a great way to get the job done. Working, resting or playing - with a 6000 Enterprise Jet it's simple. Progressive glider designs offer you a relaxing trip and a gentle drive.

Featuring a redesigned cabin and more space than its closest rival, this airplane offers ultimate comforts. Make the most of the airplane that offers the best combinations of airspeed, cruising distance, power and riding experience. Global 6000 maintains record speeds from Aspen to London City Airport and from London City Airport to New York.

Check out the Global 6000 Aeroplane Leaflet and Factsheet. Each detail in the Global 6000 cab has been meticulously engineered to give you the smooth-running, freshest and most rewarding flight experiences you can ever hope for in a corporate jet. It offers more space than its closest rival and offers maximal comforts.

As you enter the large, redesigned cab, you will see the available parquet floors in the kitchen, the seating that accommodates the man, and the elegant, newly defined shapes that all combine to form an aesthetically pleasing work of art. Featuring exceptional width, higher arms and an immaculately contoured back, the new seating offers a comfortable and welcoming passenger experience that is ideal for long haul journeys.

With the most complete cabimanagement system everything is possible. One click is all it takes to access important cab controllers and browse through the new application to operate the cab easily. Due to a straightforward lay-out and intuitional icons, modifying booth adjustments or selecting fluids is remarkable straightforward. Simply couple your favourite portable devices (iOS and Android) and place them on the convenient pill tray to smoothly manage the cabins from your comfort zone.

Progressive airfoil technologies are the keys to a trouble-free journey and possibly the best nights you' ve ever had in a corporate jet. Progressive noise protection material with its own internal and external styling technologies contributes to the lower noise level of the category. A full cabin bed, roomy closet, self-contained temp and toilet compartment provide you with the ultimate in comforts.

A large, fully-equipped kitchen with large memory and generous work areas enhances your convenience with better menu navigation. To protect passengers' private space, the caboose is cleverly positioned between the dashboard and the master caboose. Cutting-edge technologies and designs are tightly interwoven to give you the most progressive and dependable flight experiences.

With the most sophisticated commercial aeronautical electronics available, its ergonomic and aesthetic features offer excellent piloting convenience and performance. Best-in-class dashboard helps reduce drivers' work-load and provides a safe and effective driving environment. Dual sewn leathers, brush metal trim and charcoal fibre trim all add to a dashboard look that fits perfectly into the interior.

Global 6000 airplane combines all aspect of power to perfection. Global 6000 is the biggest commercial jet to non-stop from Aspen to London City Airport thanks to its rapid glide and impressive flight characteristics. The Global 6000's progressive glider styling enables it to perform high-speed flights, but also provides the bandwidth of approaches required to gain entry to small aprons.

Globally, government depends on the global aircraft's innovativeness, dependability and security to perform some of its most challenging and missioncritical missions. 1 ) From dashboard dividers to most after cabins without luggage compartments. 1 ) From dashboard dividers to most after cabins without luggage compartments.

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