Rent an Airplane for a Day

Hire a plane for one day

Finding the plane I want to rent with OpenAirplane. Could I keep the plane over night or maybe a week-end? - OpenAirplane support

Think I need a better grasp of how the whole renting thing's gonna work. Finding the plane I want to rent with open airplane. My lease periods are planned and booked with the owner and NOT with the open airplane. OpeningAirplane debits my ticket and then buys it from the owner. Looking at the information on your website, my first feeling was that the whole letting procedure was done through open airplane, planning the letting included.

Find, plan, buy everything via OpenAirplane, not via OpenAirplane, plan through FBO, buy everything via OpenAirplane. It was my guess that once I found an aircraft on the OpenAirplane website, I could see what schedules and periods the aircraft was available for rent, then I could narrow down my lease period.

If I rent at home from the FBO, I go to their termination website and find out what data and schedules are available for the aircraft I want to rent. I then plan the starting and finishing hours of my rent for the aircraft I rent. This includes the airplane for my rent during this timeframe.

When I rent a glider for the day (08:00 to 17:00) from an airline, but only put 2.0 hrs on the planes, I would anticipate that I would be charged 3.6 hrs for my rent (9 hrs x .4 = 3.6). OpenAirplane would charge me 3.6 hrs on my OpenAirplane debit for the above renting.

Suppose an airline agreed to rent the aircraft to me outside of 08:00 to 17:00, and we agreed that during my next day lease from 17:00 to 08:00 I would put 3.0 hrs on the hobs, but I only set 2.0hrs. OpenAirplane knows of the arrangement so that I will be duly charged by OpenAirplane in accordance with the oral arrangement between me and the carrier.

When I plan my lease with the FBO but am charged by OpenAirplane, how does OpenAirplane know what lessons I have planned with the FBO?

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