Biggest Learjet

Largest Learjet

NBAA premiere for Learjet 85 At the National Congress of the National Business Aviation Association, Bombardier Aerospace unveiled its mid-size Learjet 85, where officers say air testing and the programme are moving forward. "It flies," said Michel Oeuellete, Bombardier VP of Aviation Programmes and Corporate Service. It refused to say when the plane, the biggest Learjet to date, could be certificated or shipped to clients.

In 2007, the airline introduced the Learjet 85 to the market. It collects and analyses test aircraft test aircraft test aircraft test aircraft data and continues the test aircraft test flights. "Oeuellet said, the programme is going well." "We are proud to have it here," Oeuellet said. Flexjet, formerly Bombardier's own fraction plant, is the largest Learjet 85 client.

Oeuellet said the airline is happy with the supplies and its location on the Learjet 70 and 75. He said the airline is happy with the response and response to the jet. There was a lively interest in Bombardier's biggest jet aircraft. He said that the enquiry for his extremely large and large corporate aircraft had been outstanding.

Corporate officers have said thatombardier continues to focus on the Global 7000 and 8000 programs.

Learjet 85 cancelled by Bombardier amid 4.9 billion dollar losses

The Learjet 85 from Bombardier was to be the largest and longest Learjet from the Canadian aircraft manufacturer in the 52-year long corporate history spanning the Group. However, on Thursday the new CEO of the Bombardier Group, Alain Bellemare, said that the Learjet 85 would be scrapped for good - a step that should not harm the company's jobs in Wichita. "Though this is a tough's the right decision," Bellemare said at a teleconference with industry analysts discussing Bombardier's results for the third fiscal quarter of 2015.

Cancelation of Learjet 85 followed the step taken by Pierre Beaudoin, Bellemare's January forerunner, to interrupt the 19.6 million US dollar mid-size corporate jet's deployment, resulting in a pre-tax burden of 1.4 billion US dollars and the dismissal of 1,000 staff, 620 of whom were in Wichita. Bombardier Aircraft said Thursday that no further redundancies in Wichita are anticipated from the cancelation of Learjet 85.

Bellemare, who followed the battered Bombardier in February, said Thursday mornings in a teleconference with industry analysts today that there is still little consumer support for lightweight aircraft and that the firm has too many aircraft design programmes in progress at the same outing. Something had to happen between the Learjet 85, the C-Series commercial aircraft and the large capacity commercial aircraft Globals 7000 and 8000.

On Thursday, the Learjet 85's annulment was packed into a series of announcement, among them a 4.9 billion dollar deficit, a third quarter 2015 deficit and the $1 billion drip from the Quebec administration into Bombardier's C-Series fighting programme. Commenting on the results, John Di Bert, CFO of Bombardier, said that the company's three-month losses were largely related to a $3.2 billion burden on the C-Series and $1.2 billion on the write-down of the 85 Learjet plan asset base.

When the Learjet 85 programme officially ended, it was no big shock for financial experts like Richard Aboulafia of the Teal Group. Subulafia said using the term "pause" in an airplane design programme was something he had never heared before. Said that the January break notice was really some sort of Bombardier, to say off the record that it finished the Learjet 85.

At the end of Learjet 85, Bombardier's Wichita activities will remain largely with the production of Learjet 70/75, maintenance of all the company's corporate jetliners, as well as the launch of our launch plan for our next generation of planes at the beginning of this year, and the test centre. Speaker Mark Masluch of the Bombardier group said that the enterprise remained "committed to the Wichita site", which has 1,800 employees.

Mr Aboulafia said he did not know what the end of the Learjet 85 programme meant for Bombardier's long-term future. Believing that the destiny of the Wichita surgery is based on the wider healthcare of Bombardier and his C-Series programme, which has been suffering from years of delay and millions of dollar of additional outlay.

"â??I think the major problem here is the company's fitness to recover from the C-Series disaster,â? he said. As Bellemare said to the Quebec $1 billion C-Series analyst, "We now look more self-assured than ever to lead this programme to success," and added that the aircraft accounts for 97 per cent of its air test population.

Our C-Series range includes the CS100 with up to 133 seats and the CS300 with 160 seats. Its C-Series is designed to be in competition with the Boeing 737 and Airbus family of A320s. It has 603 orders and obligations for the C-Series, 243 of which are fixed orders, saidombardier.

We expect to receive our certificate before the end of this year.

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