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Everyone who drives a registered private rental vehicle must have a licence from the city administration under all circumstances. Taxicab and Rental Guideline issued by Taxicab Charter Operator Dencaster Taxi cars have been registered for more than 150 years - the law for Hatchney cars goes back to 1847 - and personal rental cars were first registered almost 40 years ago. However, the production of cars and travellers' demands have evolved so much that it was felt that a full refit was required.

Resulting directives provide detail on rolling stock norms and condition, driving condition and necessary requirement before a licence is issued. This Directive also expresses the Council's view that the number of licences to be issued by the Commission under the terms of the Directive should not be limited. The Doncaster Council's IP Charter and Privacy Charter is a unique paper that contains all of the Council's guidelines.

It is recommended that all current and future motorists, keepers and users should fully consult the Directive. Apart from the fact that it has been decided not to restrict the number of licenses for coach and cart vehicles, the most important changes introduced by this Directive are the following: Driving licenses are valid for a period of up to 3 years.

Every license is granted for a period of up to 5 years. Investigations of registered criminals are necessary every three years.

Group 2 standard medicine is needed, applicable until the ages of 45 (or at least five years, whichever is greater) and every five years thereafter. Vehicular test system. Our change to the process is that anyone who wants to become a chauffeur must meet all conditions before submitting their request, e.g. test of skills, test of medicine, test of practice, protection of consciousness, etc.

In order to prevent possible disappointments and costs, anyone considering becoming a licensee is strongly encouraged to first review Annex 2 of the Hackney Carriage and Hire Licensing Policy, which provides advice on the relevancy of condemnations, before conducting any of the necessary testing and clinical examinations.

Please address any questions you may have about the topics listed on this page to the Approval Authority:

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