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Booking a taxi We had a little pickup schedule shift and he volunteered to take it up for me. It was also very polite to him to ask whether it was in order to assign his name to the collection. According to the agreements he was there to come and fetch us and bring us back to the airfield at the end of the workday.

Our rates were exactly as agreed. I' ll definitely use your service again the next times I need it in Auckland.

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Well, the rider was very kind. They used it to get from Auckland to our CBD-hostel. The taxi waited at the appointed moment. As we arrived at the airfield, he had turned on the taximeter and tried to calculate $50 - so we were protesting and he said, because he was a truck and not a truck, it was more (we were only 2 guys and didn't order a truck), only when I said that the truck was not our petition and that I had to call the motel that he approved of $40.

Our chauffeur was also an insane driving force and was quite frightened in circulation. Auckland Airport biosecurity checkpoint stopped me for about 45 min, but my chauffeur was still waiting for me. I will definitely use this feature again when I get to Auckland.

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I have used them several of the time and had mostly good experience. But I probably wouldn't hire them for a trip to the airports. Skybus costs $16 from the town to the airfield. What is your accommodation so that we can inform you about the closest stop for the Skybus?

"Skybus costs $16 from the town to the airfield. What is your accommodation so that we can tell you the closest Skybus stop?" There are two persons and it is the same rate as the indicated taxi-rate. A couple of nights ago I was booking a trip to Auckland CBD. He said that there could be a 30 minute wait and that the taxi would call me if my taxi was outside my adress.

Consequently, my taxi never got there and nobody picked up the telephone or phoned me.

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