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Look for other taxis in Edgewood on LA Checker Cab Company serves Bel Air and all other Los Angeles metropolitan areas. Belgian Air Taxi, Coquitlam, British Columbia. With the Bel-Air Taxi you reach your desired destination on time today!

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Driver are pros who pride themselves on maintaining the highest standard of taxi cabin services. The University of California, Los Angeles is located near Bel Air. A lot of those who visit Bel Air also need transport to the UCLA area, where problems with transport and car parks can make travel harder. Arriving and departing to Bel Air is simple if you arrive at LAX in Los Angeles or at one of the other local airport locations.

When you' re in Los Angeles. Our taxi company offers a quick and dependable taxi shuttle to all points of the town, as well as to the most important traffic junctions and sights. Our company also offers para -transit for people with problems of transport and we can organize almost any kind of transport for you and your group, regardless of age.

Give us a call or text us or go on-line today to organize a taxi to and from anywhere in the Los Angeles subway area!

Beautiful Bel Air Taxi 1812 Pulaski Hwy, Edgewood, MD 21040

It was the most irreverent taxi trip I've ever seen. The chauffeur came too late and had the boldness to bill me $2 more than I'm used to pay. When I contacted the taxi service, I was informed that he was right and that he can sometimes be considered impolite.

Driving me, the man said he wouldn't take off until I prepaid, and even explained that he felt I wouldn't be paying the ticket if he had taken me to my final destination. He screamed at me and said I should get out of his car if I didn't prepaid. This was the most exhausting day for me, I've never been handled like this by a taxi in my whole lifetime.

It was said that the waiting time would be about an hours. Waiting an hours and a half and when I phoned again, the dispatchers said someone was coming for me but I wasn't there...although I never went out of the front of the store from where I phoned. Waiting another lesson (a whole 2 1/2) I phoned again and the dispatchers hanged.

The number I phoned, but immediately I got a discourteous man who said after I said I needed a taxi and where I could meet my boyfriends and me and set us down, call 410-272-3000! Starting to look for other taxi firms, I had trouble locating an open 24/7 that was close by, so I phoned the number and reserved a taxi with Kate.

At first the taxi chauffeur never phoned to tell us he was in front of the guesthouse. and she let me know he was outside the motel. Secondly, the rider deliberately went the wrong way and doubled the amount. That'?s what we found out after taking a cab back to the motel from another comany.

Third ly, the taxi operator who was picking up a group of drunken fools who could go quicker than we could when we could, like it was a run, didn't even ID us and told the boys to go out when I phoned to leave a representative, it could have been Kate again, knew we were awaiting our taxi.

Said the taxi chauffeur said he took another group with him. Said also that another taxi would come and get us in 10-15 min and gave no excuse! Fortunately, less than 10 min later, a taxi rider from another taxi firm went to the car park and gladly accepted to take us back to the guesthouse as he had a no-show in a pub near our location.

It' satirical because Bel Air did not call Taxi to tell us that our chauffeur had come, but they did call when we were not there to be collected! I' ve learnt my lessons, but I just wanted to give a warning to folks just in case they consider using this outfit.

DON'T USE THIS NAME. lf l could give this firm two bad diamonds, l'd do it. This is a terrible taxi firm. Also, I phoned two hrs before a taxi was requested and three hrs later I was notified by another taxi driver, no taxi was planned to come and get me.

I' m said they could have a chauffeur with me in 30 to 45 mins. No, thank you, I've already squandered three whole lives that I'll never get back. "DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Don't use this taxi company..... Don't use this taxi if you a ) want to get there comfortably - we used them tonight, their cars collapsed nastily dirty with no air condition er or other salutary features; b) if you want to get to anything on schedule - we phoned two longest hours in ahead to make sure our taxi arrived at the moment we needed and it was a full half an hour too late! Your taxi will be on your way to the airport, so don't worry!

c) If you wanted to be paid fairly - during the first taxi trip we were informed that the fares were fixed charges on the basis of travel distances, we were always billed different sums for the same precise itinerary.

Locate another firm that you can use.

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