Riga Taxi Service

Taxi Riga Service

If you use the taxi service in Riga, please pay close attention to the tariffs indicated on the back doors of the taxi. Riga: Taxis & Car Hire Travellers can certainly use a taxi in Riga, but they should be conscious of some of the issues that in the past were associated with the use of taxi in the region to avoid the risk. Generally, taxi cabs are suitable for use by travellers. Travellers, who do not know the differences between taxi with and without taximeters, have the biggest problem.

Tourists should ensure that the taxi is measured when they call or call a taxi and only drive from it. Because there were issues with excessive overloads caused by unmeasured cabs. There are reports that the scarlet cabs are the most reputable businesses and are preferred for use by travellers.

In addition, travellers should be cautioned that taxi riders in Riga are known to be somewhat hazardous on the highways. Travellers should notify the carrier of any problem after the journey has ended. Over the past few years, businesses have been working hard to enhance their reputation and raising the standard so that cabs can be generally accepted.

In Riga, hire car is an optional service. Streets, however, are relatively hazardous for idle chauffeurs and it is not advisable to buy rented vehicles. Passengers who want to hire automobiles can do so at the airports, where large auto hire firms are represented. For arrival and departure to/from the airports, it is advisable to use the "Red Cab" taxi or the "Baltic Taxi". A max. price of EUR 14,- is charged.

Others cabs (measured inclusive) can ask significantly more. You can order the vehicle with chauffeur in anticipation for your Riga airports transfers, it can be not only a taxi, but also a limousine, a 4-8 passenger mini van, a 20 passenger mini-van or more. If you order a personal shuttle from Riga International airport by road, you are sure that the fare will be set, the chauffeur will be meeting you in the arrivals lounge, help with luggage and the vehicle will be without taxi or other sign.

Frequently, privately owned transfers are better than taxis, and you are sure that you will not be overwhelmed. Transfers to Jurmala and other towns possible.

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