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Colorado Springs Aviation Cutter

Fuel prices for aircraft at Cutter Aviation (FBO) in CITY OF COLORADO SPRINGS MUNI, COS. Colourado Springs, CO (COS) Everybody here is fine. Well, we have a small motor home, so sometimes we get handled as subhumans. Cutter on 421, we flew twice in two and a halfweek. On both occasions the servicing was first class as hired vehicles waited at the aircraft while the engine was switched off.

First class and they seem to handle every single one in every type of aircraft with the same superb facilities.

At the end of June he went to KCOS and had a good feeling with the people at Cutter. You were kind enough to take me to the central station to get a rented vehicle (should have been book through you, it would have had to wait). On the way out, they collected me after I left the vehicle at the rent drop.

Always I am planning that my cross-countries contain a RON at COS if possible and I have found that Cutter is a first rate company. Residents of the towers were great both at bringing us to the floor and at leading us to Cutter. The cutter guidance car was awaiting the runway (a true help in determining the position).

You had my spouse and our baggage in the van and a place in the garage for us when the props pulled up. They were well aware of the latest problems with the Piper Transmission Services bulletin and were directly aware of the necessary demands. Cutters are a small FBO engaged, but they handle everyone like a license fee, whether you're running a spam scan, an experiment, a coporate twinkle or a VLJ.

You had our rented vehicle on hand when we got there, helping with offloading and anchoring, giving us restaurants that were just right. Editor at COS is the kindest and most enthousiastic FBO on our planet. Bathrooms are the hottest and most exciting thing; this means "clean" for you as a younger pilot. Team wagon was awaiting you.

AWESOME! The Cutter COS has dealt with every inquiry I've made for them under less than perfect conditions. When I was transporting an Angel Flight from ABQ to COS I found the services at Cutter excellent. They were very supportive in discharging the passengers and their wheelchairs, escorting them to the FBO and assisting them in encountering their surface transport.

Cutters delivered exactly what I needed on this journey. Once again first class after sales services. The Cutter is my new favourite FBO at COS. The cutter was very professionally, supportive, and we were lucky to use her team van during our last one. This is the most beautiful personnel van I've ever used.

With less than 11,000 leagues in your team van, how many fbi do you know? Amazing client services. Reasonable petrol rates for such a large international destination and good services. Excellent services and kind personnel. The rented vehicle was finished when we touched down. We' re definitely going back to Cutter.

It was my second trip here and I will definitely come back again and again! Cutter' s just the best FBO I ever visited. Everybody is completely customer-oriented - and I got into an RV7! and a big thank you.

I' d take a long way round to stop at Cutter's. I' ve been to COS Cutter twice in the last weeks and both of them were great. Nice and supportive personnel, also returning the vehicle I hired from the terminals. Cutter' s first one.

Excellent. Excellent customer care. The only thing I can say is that these people will have my store every single day I end up with COS. Lineage personnel and personnel offered one of the best experiences in the history of Bureau Bureaux I've ever had. who said it wouldn't be a big deal to leave it there. Scheduled crews were awaiting parking our aircraft (a 4-place building) and we got cool bottle soda on the dock.

For the general managers, let these boys know that it "really" makes a big deal and to maintain the great SLA. I discharged my airplane, took us with me to pick up the rented vehicle from the other side of the airfield and laden it. Equal services on departure. Couldn't be more useful. Superb customer care!

I' ve been to fbi's that were handsome and the services were good. Cutters in Colorado Springs are different, especially when you're dealing with people like Pauline. Surely a very kind, effective and thorough processing of our client services. The Eddie and his crew at Cutter are certainly among the best in the game.

and Eddie ordered the loading bay to get everything in order. A big compliment to him and the cutter crew. EVERY one at Cutter offered first class customer care and was just kind. In an RV-8, I'm still handled like a royalty. The N774GE was welcomed by Jerry and his colleagues in a professional and on time manner.

Although our starting hours have changed several changes, we have been handled with care and tolerance. Thanks Jerry, and thanks Cutter KCOS. There was only a short stopover at KCOS on 19.03.15 and the customer care was outstanding. Then they hurried and picked up the tanker and were fast at supplying gasoline, so we could have some spare moment to have a fast luncheon.

On the inside, the internal service was also outstanding. It' s good to be welcomed with a smile on your face and supportive services. to help with the Waldo Canyon fire. By the time we arrived, we were hit and handled as if we had flown in a posh plane! Coldwater, soda pop, personnel vans, hire vehicles, browsnies, smiles, fast and useful services and attentiveness are a large part of what is so well maintained in this FBO.

Cutters kept me from sleepin' on the chilly, tough floor in a firehouse bed in a fire truck shed! Staff are all one in a million, taking even more to do with the job than they do themselves, and the level of customer satisfaction in this FBO is second to none. I have been delighted and honoured to be able to help you and all the KCOS aerial combat teams here at KCOS.

I was hit on the loading bay, and they took my rented vehicle out immediately. It praised very well what I was wearin (a commemorative suit). When I got back in the early hours of the day, the airplane was operational and the crowd was very supportive. Excellent all-round services because it is occupied by BIG men....

Lovely set up by the cutter on a RON. Hampton Inn and Garden Inn offer a free of charge shuttles. So Eddie and the rest of the crews came up and stopped the planes. Those two people went beyond what provided first-class care and attention to our injured vets. Many thanks to Cutter and especially to Eddie and Sean for the support they have given across the border to make our particular army vets felt recognized and honored.

I' ve been here for 5 years, and it could just be another FBO stop, but that differs from me in Jen and the line crew. What's the matter with you? and the line team are the best! Cutter' s personnel were excellent at taking every detail of our arrivals, stays and departures.

Excellent services, hire cars on the loading bay, great value for money. Then I asked Cutter if they could refer a technician on the pitch and they sent me to Alan Spencer with Pro Av. Outstanding FBO at COS! We made a quick excursion to "the Springs" and were very happy that we decided for Cutter as FBO.

Everybody from the line team to the reception was kind, obliging and very supportive. After arranging our hire vehicle they took it out to us and the price was very cheap. Between 19.05.2008 and 28.05.2008 I remained at Cutter in KCOS and was enthusiastic about the excellent customer care and the highly motivated team.

Personnel permitted my waiting POV to go out to the airplane to facilitate charging. Pricing was lower than the Jet Center, even if it was more, I would find it difficult to go anywhere except to Cutter because of the excellent services! The editor was EXCELLENT. Arranges Hertz rent, had it on arriving at the airplane.

It took me a few nights to keep up to date, so I resolved to bring my spouse to KCOS for a $100urger last fortnight. We' d been to the cutter in KABQ and the services were first class, so we chose to try them out in KCOS. Leaving Denver with full fuel cells, we only took 5 gallons of gas when we got there, but it wouldn't have been recognizable by their services.

Still they let us use the nice personnel truck for free, sent us on with our waters and browsnies and even sent a thank you to my house. Dear customer, I always prefer the services and will always select Cutter first wherever I go! Excellent all-round care. I' ve only got an 182 and been handled like one of the big guys.

Editor at COS is the kindest and most enthousiastic FBO on our Planet Erde. Bathrooms are the hottest and most exciting thing; this means "clean" for you as a younger pilot. Team wagon was awaiting you. Cutter' s co-workers were treating my kid and I like the whole familiy. Superb facilities very kind personnel, even for a man in a 210.

One more big thumb up for editors in Colorado Springs. Arriving in my Bonanza, they quickly pointed us at the lot and moved the rented vehicle around. The entire personnel is first class, extremely kind and extremely useful. Wish every FBO was like Cutter in COS! Due to the bad conditions, we were redirected to KCOS and, since we had never been to KCOS before, were given the option of two fbi.

Fortunately, I chose Cutter. Jerry and Rita at Cutter gave us the best services I've ever seen at an FBO. Next mornin', Cutter was very useful in getting us on our way. What a great team! If you can count on it, I will use Cutter when I am in COS or elsewhere.

Thanks, Cutter! The 5/10 ended up at COS rolled to Cutter was expected by Line Tec Eddie Cars, what a team Haile, Sara, Mike, Nathan and a few others. It' s a great place to stop off and a great place to be and a great place to be. Excellent people offer first rate services at a very reasonable cost.

As I was fooling Lineman Tony into thinking I should really have a cutter has, he went a big step further to give me a cap. Just back from a holiday near Springs we had a great holiday - COS is a great place to be.

Another great cutter ride after he was redirected here due to WX. So they avoided to arrange us with a motel and a rented vehicle, and the airline personnel also took great pains to take the plane. Cutter' s crews treat me like a queen and roll my RV-6 into the hanger to keep it out of the pour.

A few hrs later, when my friend came into his RV-8, he was well cured. Paul and the entire cutter staff know the importance of providing customers with the best possible support. Not much cash we spent with Cutter that particular date, but we were certainly handled as if we were going to pay the lighting bill!

Extraordinary services! He flew into our meridian last weekend and was welcomed on the dock by an extremely supportive and kind line man. The rented vehicle was finished and was quickly hoisted up to the air conditioner on the dock. We' ve already seen this FBO and will keep making editors our first choices in COS and elsewhere.

Both of them have distinguished themselves in helping with the hiring of automobiles, hotel accommodation, personnel vehicles and the operation of our airplanes. Excellent FBO / Great Serve! It was our first visit to this cutter site and we found the services of the whole personnel excellent. Scheduled personnel helped us to have the side of the surface rescue so there was no lag to get our patients to the emergency room quickly.

When we asked for a place in the hanger for our airplane, the airline personnel was very wary of dragging our airplanes. Paulina, Kevin and Will are a big high five for the additional miles in delivering excellent levels of support you won't find at other FBO's across the state. Once again, thank you for making the job a little bit simpler for us with your excellent services and employees.

Our treatment was very good and the line types supported us with all our pockets. It was my first time with Cutter at COS... And it was great. Travelling through the USA with our Mooney, I saw the full range of FBO level services: The editor's upstairs.

I' ve been to other editor sites and it's excellent throughout. At the reception Halie co-ordinated our rented vehicle to wait for us when we got there, pulling up at the airplane... With carpeting placed from the feet of our airplane. Well done, Cutter...... I' m not staying in any other FBO with an editor on the grid.

We met right away at Cutter's to get me involved and help out.

All my inquiries were confirmed by the personnel, even the bad weather hanger room for the plane that entered the area at the weekends. The next stop was at the reception, where the employees offered an extraordinary level of customer care. Broodmoor shuttles from the central station and the personnel took care of the transportation from the cutter to the station.

Again many thanks to Cutter for the outstanding work! Outstanding line services and welcoming personnel. You' ll be my FBO of choosing when I go to the Springs. Cutters always offers its clients a good level of customer care. Our rental vehicle was on the loading bay when we came with a very supportive line and welcome team.

Bringing the bread out of the oven was a great complement to the very pleasant, cozy welcome given by all the personnel. Excellent career types! It is not impressing, but the client services certainly. While we were parking, a cutter van drove up and the chauffeur got out of the vehicle to give us a rebate voucher which he had forgotten to give us at the ticket-office.

I' m with Cutter. After traveling to Texas and the East Coast, I have to say that the services here exceed any place I have been. Meet the driver Paul Qualls, who transported a very unique puppy from Raton, NM to Colorado Springs, CO, as a voluntary with Pilots N Paws.

Paul's transportation, Callahan, was on his way to Freedom in Englewood, CO, where he will study to become a working canine. At Freedom Powerdogs we rescue and train veterinarians from animal homes in the area, so they have a new career and become an priceless companion that touches our customers - at no extra charge to the customer.

On many occasions I have my two kids with me and we have never been better cared for than we have been today. Your staff in your establishment was inviting, correspondingly curious and gave us the V.I.P. care. They were so impressive that they treat us with so much friendliness and were really interested in making our stay enjoyable and fulfilling our rewarding work.

I would like to thank your staff there for making our stay with you a ray of hope for our work. Cutter was all about me. Well, why didn't I stay here last night?

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