International Airport Taxi Company

The International Airport Taxi Company

Belfast International Airport Taxi (Cheapest) - Belfast Forum Hello there, could anyone please suggest a taxi company to use from Belfast International Airport to Fitzwilliam Hotel, 1-3 Great Victoria Street, Belfast? I' ve been told that you don't use black taxis because a few guys were overcharged. Costs are 30 according to the airport taxi statement.

Fitzwilliam is located next to Europa: you can also turn to cheap taxis: His £30 in all taxi's for 1-4 persons and don't hear this bullshit about black taxi's about collecting charges we are the only taxi's that have the metre rates fixed and locked by the government, as long as the rider hires the counter, you won't get overloaded.

There is no need to make a booking, just go out the front doors and the taxi will wait for the airport ranks. You will find the terminal station of the airport shuttle just around the corner. Please note that the airport shuttle stops just around the corner. Your shuttle leaves from the airport. Belfast International is the Belfast International taxi shuttle to the Belfast downtown area for 21.00, including picking you up from your parking lot.

The Belfast international cabs themselves provide a great level of services, have simply used them for a suburban resort, first rate services throughout, online and e-mail bookings, efficiently, promptly and helpfully, kind drivers. It is not necessarily the case that the price of illegal cabs is too high, only that other companies can often be less expensive, and that is undisputed, sorry - I have first-hand experiences several times.

This means that the 30 fee from International Airport is about the same as most other airlines would bill you anyway. When there are only a few of you, the airport shuttle would actually be a really good choice - the shuttle center is right next to the Fitzwilliam, so it's almost quite a door-to-door for you.

By way of illustration, the price of a one-way trip with the airport shuttle is 7.50 per passenger. Returning by airport coach, a flight back (perhaps 11-12 maximum) would be even less expensive.

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