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The Galvin Flying Services, the largest headquarters of the Puget Sound region for private aircraft used by people, was purchased by Landmark Aviation of Houston. The FBO of your choice in Seattle, Galvin Flying Services offers award-winning scheduled services, charter services, aircraft sales and management, and an FAA-approved flight school. Individual customer safety and service are our top priorities, and what sets us apart is that we offer them. I am happy to recommend the Galvin Flight Service for training or aircraft rental.

Aeronautical Training Seattle - FAA Certified Flying School

This is one of the best training courses we offer: They can help you obtain a pilots certification, include an instruments or multi-engine ratings, endorse powerful and sophisticated planes, switch to technologically sophisticated "Glass Cockpit" planes and retain your capabilities. There is no doubt that our broad expertise and competence will surpass your expectation.

The Galvin Flying Services sells

Seattle, Galvin Flying Services, a long-time Boeing Field related privately held firm, has announced its willingness to be acquired by a Manchester domiciled firm.... For an unpublished amount, Galvin Flying Services, a long-standing family-owned Boeing Field operation in Seattle, has declared its willingness to be offered for sale to a Manchester, N.H. corporation. Galvin's chairman, Peter Anderson, informed staff Friday that he had entered into a firm, final arrangement with Quantem FBO Services to convey the property within the next few month.

Galvin's founder's cousin, Anderson, said the firm will retain the Galvin name, and no downsizing of personnel or service is foreseen. Galvin, with approximately 130 people, is one of two large commuter rail companies located at the Seattle International Airports facility just south of downtown Seattle and provides jet fuels, service and warehousing for personal aircraft as well as charter and rental facilities.

In 1930, the deceased James B. Galvin established the business on Boeing Field. Mr Anderson said that the deal will allow the business to expand in a way that it cannot manage on its own. Over the past two years, Quantem has purchased two more fixed-based businesses, one of which is an Illinois based business with a long tradition of owned families, and would like to buy more, Anderson said Friday in a commemorative address to staff.

Completion of the transaction, which is anticipated to be completed by the end of June, takes place at a time of uncertainties in King County's own Boeing Field. Monday, King County, the Port of Seattle and BNSF Railway senior management today announced that they have entered into a provisional contract to transform a Renton-to-Snohomish railroad into a leisure area.

Harbor would buy the railroad and then trade King County for Boeing Field. A number of Boeing Field lessees have voiced concerns that the move may result in higher rental prices. Anderson said that the exchange was not a reason for his choice to buy Galvin. "I have an absolutely and fully held belief that King County will consider the interests of current renters at the terminal in this prospective business," he said.

In 2006, Galvin had revenue of about $40 million, a figure that has grown continuously since a decline in operations immediately after the September 11, 2001 terror attack, Anderson said. "We don't anticipate any changes to the goods and service we offer," he said. "Quite the opposite, we anticipate expanding all these offerings and services."

Galvin will endeavour to recruit extra staff, particularly for aeroplane servicing, he added.

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