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Who' s Woody Johnson? Everything you need to know about Donald Trump's new British envoy. The " Man in London " of Donald Trump is to become the billion-dollar Johnson & Johnson health care patient of the Johnson & Johnson health care dyad and proprietor of the New York Jets America Football game. Johnson Woody was in 1947 in New Jersey and belongs to one of the fifty richest US family. Whereody Johnson was twice wed and had five kids.

Crazy Rich, a " Wart and everything " autobiography of the Johnson familiy, authored by Jerry Oppenheimer, Mr. Johnson drew in his academic years as a heavily drunk " beast of the night ".

Beyond the jets, a man pushing his dreams.

DER Billionardär, known as Woody, looks out of his house on the Trump International Hotel and Tower's49th floor on a Manhattan he is hoping to mend. Robert Wood Johnson IV avoids the limelight. Walking down the pavement without being noticed, in cup-covered footwear and borderless glasses, a bald 57-year-old inheritor of Johnson & Johnson's pharmaceuticals assets, he really doesn't want to speak about himself.

It says to its nearest members of the household and long-standing partners that they should not speak about it either. "Said Ron Colangelo, a Jets VP, Woody's quite emphatic." There is no arena without Johnson, no Olympia application, maybe not even an elongation of underground line No. 7. Not only is he the most potent and politically charged of tens of Johnson & Johnson's lucky inheritors, he is also the most inscrutable.

Recordings and publicly available interview with former Johnson partners point to many new detail about Johnson's past and provide a more complete view of his attribute and character than the glamour of familiarity, philanthropy and soccer provided by his formal Jet career bio. Johnson showed himself during an enterprising ten-year career as a young man in Florida skills that might amaze his New York star-clients.

"If you have a billion and your little boyfriend doesn't have it at 25 per cent, you can somehow run him over and do whatever you want," said a former boyfriend, Michael Richard Spielvogel. "After his move to New York in 1984, Johnson focused on administering his finances and raising a dependant familiy.

However, the unpainted Johnson reveals himself in his early commercial experience. One of his biographies about Jet is that of the Florida cables industry, but not that of the property industry. Investigation in Florida shows that those interactions were corrupted by a harsh battle with gamebird, charges of cheating in civilian lawsuits by at least two condo purchasers, and a rule that Johnson in disregard of the law halted in a debate over his individual condo bounties.

Johnson had long blonde bristles and a Fu Manchu moustache for a while. Spielvogel, an emerging Long Island property development firm, was Johnson's four-year associate for companies called Woodric Enterprises, by their first name. "They went for a drink, got along, and the next day they would meet, Johnson was zip fastened, tied a necktie, and arrived in a personal airplane, which impressed Spielvogel's teenage assistant.

I' ll give you 10 per cent of the first business and 25 per cent of every business thereafter if you just move to Florida and resell your businesses in New York. Johnson couldn't write his own cheques at first. Johnson's part in the case was not clear in the courts' files. Judges found Johnson in disregard of the courts in the case.

No further detail could be obtained as the case was cleared, the condo attorney is found and Johnson refused to be interviews. Gambler kept a non-voting 25 per cent stake in Woodric and worked for 700 dollars a week, he said, when Latman Johnson talked Johnson into pushing him out of business.

However, he then submitted an oath in Broward County stating that he had abandoned his interest in a property deal "under extremely coercive and coercive conditions imposed on me by Robert Wood Johnson IV. Today he said about Johnson: "I wish him all the best. "Johnson has broken off all contacts.

Spielvogel called in 1998 to say that his daugther, who had known Johnson as a child, had passed away. But Johnson didn't call me back. "Spielvogel still works in Florida property. He and Dr. James Scott Pendergraft, the proprietor of five Florida pregnancy centers, were sentenced in 2001 for trying to blackmail the Marion County District Council into negotiating a possible new facility.

Mr. Johnson resumed his Florida property activities after dissolving his relationship with Spielvogel. It also used its pecuniary strength to capitalize on the beginnings of wire TV in Florida. Its next associate, Robert S. Gordon, said Johnson had spent $500,000 in 1975 when bankers didn't tap the wire and Gordon needed the funds badly.

He had won the wire franchise in eight cities in Broward County, but didn't have the funds to begin with. From 1977 to 1981 Johnson Gordon and his spouse also lent 350,000 dollars in person, according to documents. Gordon Johnson purchased Gordon from the wire shop, but unlike Spielvogel he had never been a friend of Gordon.

"Gordon remembered Bob Johnson was quite good on his own." "with Gordon on the wire concessions. Mr Bonmeister has remained with Johnson to this date and has become Johnson's right-hand man in all his commercial and capital expenditure projects. JOHNNSON SELLED THE johnnson selled the wire franchise for $10 million in 1983, Florida Property Record Show.

It'?s not possible to appreciate his winnings, even though Gordon said he was big. "Selling himself for a substantial amount of cash, he went on with other things," Gordon said. that Johnson had come to Florida through a strange array of incidents. Growing up in wealthy areas of New Jersey, he went to the Hudson Valley Millbrook School and worked as a junior job at Johnson & Johnson expecting to rise to the top of the Johnson Group.

In 1886 Robert Wood Johnson, his great-grandfather and first eponym, co-founded the comany. According to reports, Robert Wood Johnson II, a dedicated and forward-thinking business man with the nickname General Johnson, expanded it into the world's biggest healthcare group. Whereody Johnson's dad, Robert Wood Johnson III, named Bobby, worked for the firm from 1941 to 1965 and was promoted to the position of Chairman of National Businesses.

" However, lightning came in 1965 when Woody Johnson was 18 years old: his dad was dismissed by his grandpa. "Nothing kept the general from taking anything to take over the business, and like many celebrity men he thought his own son could be worthless," quotes a son-in-law called Nicholas Rutgers in Barbara Goldsmith's Johnson v. Johnson by Knopf (1987).

"' Whereody' s mom, Betty Wold Johnson, was cited in the blockbuster when she said: "He then went westwards to visit the University of Arizona in Tucson, and went to the University of Arizona. He and his wife moved from New Jersey to Florida. Johnson's dad passed away from cancers in 1970 at the tender age of 50.

In 1968, when his grandpa, General Johnson, passed away, he had no access to Johnson & Johnson. He went back to Florida after high school to proof his game. Whereody was 28 years old at the onset. Elizabeth (Libet) Ross Johnson, who is his three-year son, and a younger sibling, Christopher Wold Johnson, who is his 12-year son.

With the three remaining brethren remaining throughout the estate of their two late brethren, they were by far the richest of the more than 30 Johnson fourth-generation men. Whilst doing his entrepreneurial work in Florida, Woody Johnson Nancy Sale Frey, the daugther of a St. Louis entrepreneurial dynasty, joined Frey and got wed.

Founded the Johnson Corporation with Rockefeller Center office and Woodric with it. Mr Bonmeister is the chairman of the Johnson asset management group. From 1984 to 2000, Johnson's primary activity seemed to be raising a familiy, administering his funds, and making donations for public and charitable purposes.

John son has given more than $1. 2 million to politics operation since 1988, entertainment operation accomplishment, overwhelming to Republicans, message $100,000 to so-called people medium of exchange chunk to republican operation committee digit case from 1988 to 1998. Each year, he gave $25,000 to join Team 100, a group of executives committed to countering fundraising from the Democrats' key contributors.

"I' ve been running Team 100 since 1996, and Woody has always been there," said Julie Finley, a Washington fundraiser, and described Johnson as "warm, open and kind, completely unassuming, a very kind man. Mr. Johnson was an important supporter of Bush who visited him for the first time in Texas in 1994, gave $22,583 that year for his governor election and joined the economic chiefs who met in Texas in 1998 to recruit Bush for presidential office.

When Johnson showed up for a hunt with an elegant pistol, she was amazed. Johnson more than his purse gets his rolodex into the political arena. "I think the fellow here is a wealthy child who wants to be a Republican Party gambler and lives from heredity, " said Jaime Court, chairman of the Foundation for Taxayer and Consumer Rights in California, a consumers group.

Johnson philanthropic, like his grandfather's, distinguishes him from a few thousand millionaires. Casey, the oldest of Johnson's three Daughters, was diagnosed with 1: diabetic disease in 1988 at the age of 8. Johnson written the volume "Managing Your Child's Diabetes" (Mastermedia 1992). "He is extremely dedicated, impassioned, very straightforward, very focused on the results he wants, demanding a lot, but at the same he listens to alternative ideas and thinks about issues," said Peter Van Etten, CEO of the Juvenile diabetes research foundation Johnson co-founded.

" Van Etten said Johnson is also an efficient advocate. "If there is a problem and we need help to get help from a member of Congress, Woody will go downstairs at the push of a button and devote his attention to convincing him, and he does it in a very private way and talks about his daughter," Van Etten said.

Johnson successfully proposed members of Congress in 2002 for a five-year, $750 million guarantee fundraising deal for diabetic research that was "unprecedented at Capitol Hill to provide specific financing for each medical group at this level," said Ken Van Pool, an advisor to Representative George Nethercutt, Republican of Washington and chair of the Congressional Diabetes Caucus.

One of Johnson's daughter, Jaime, was found in 1999 at the age of 13 with severe inflammation called magnus, an infectious disorder that can cause harm to essential organ functions. He is co-founder of the Alliance for Lupus Research and bears all administration expenses so that all funds are used for research. Mr. Johnson served on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Executive Committee in 2001.

Johnson established New York Jet LLC in 1999. In January 2000, they purchased the squad and outbid Charles F. Dolan, Cablevision's president, who is now funding TV commercials against Johnson's plans to construct a new facility that would rival Madison Square Garden, a Cablevision affiliate. Johnson quickly recruited Jay Cross from N.B.A.'s Heat in Miami, where Cross had taken over the sponsorship of the Fellowship for a new venue.

Cross, Jets chairman, said he met Johnson every morning for about two hrs to discuss matters relating to stadiums and finance. "Asked why Johnson refused to be interviewed anonymously for a job description, Cross said: "Two former partners proposed another excuse why Johnson might want to keep out of the newsmedia.

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