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I' ve ordered a cab. I' ve ordered a cab. I' ve ordered a cab to meet him. Vehicles are marked with KTC KÖNIGSTEIN signs.

Could you please arrange for a taxi to meet us?

Could you please arrange a taxi to meet us at Montego Bay International Park on February 25, morning, Delta Airline arriving at 12pm from Atlanta, Airfare 317. Dear Stuart and Dianne MacGuire: I sent you our answer this morning and we are waiting for your answer to complete your collection.

Please contact us as soon as possible by e-mail at our information e-mail addresses, which you will find on our website. Stuart and Dianne: Thank you very much for your questions. We can arrange a taxi for your flight and the costs are US$75.00 per way.

To receive your order please e-mail us or e-mail us at our information e-mail so that we can confirm your order and provide you with pick-up information.


Isn' it possible that the guesthouse organizes a taxi for.....

Could the guesthouse arrange a taxi to the airports and do you know how much it would be? Better "lesapp", it is no hassle to organize a taxi to or from the airports. Because of a price increase the costs for a normal taxi are 75,00 and for a minivan taxi 85,00?. journeycal.....

So we took the metro and it was about an hour's journey, but we only have to switch once. lt was very simple. vagtail68... vagtail68... vagtail68... vagtail68... A taxi has an approximate cost of 80 ? per way.

Organize taxi transfer - CTC Königstein

Taxi reservations should be made at least 2 hrs before the scheduled pick-up time. KTC KÖNIGSTEIN is marked on the vehicle sign. A 15-minute wait at the aerodrome or railway station is free of cost for our visitors. Allow the taxi company a 10-minute extension.

Drivers can pay for the journey either in advance in the form of money or by using a bank transfer. The taxi company uses a taxi vehicle for five people or more, which is subject to a supplement. Within a few minutes you will get a receipt from our affiliated taxi company.

Call +49 6174 - 2577 777 to notify the taxi operator of any last-minute schedule changes.

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