Minicab Estimate

mini-cab estimate

Booking service providers can set the fare on the basis of:. ### [ Singing ] The combined tariff is a minimal tariff - 7.50 then 3.00 per kilometer thereafter. The MPV seat tariff is a mininum tariff - 7.

50 then 3.00 per miles thereafter. Eight seater are min rates - 8.75 then 3.50 per miles thereafter. we are calling on you a passed system of: 0208 316 6854 or a text of: 07908 895371 giving you informed that your vehicle is outside.


In Stockholm there are many cab businesses to pick from. Notice: The taxis in Sweden are not regular; they can be very different. The client is responsible for checking rates in advance. Verify the fare on the green labels (see picture above right), usually on the back windscreen, before getting into the car.

Peak piece rates for most cabs are between 290 - 390 SEK. The rate on the tab is 10 km, a 15 minute drive, per 10 km. Taximeters show the fare in SEK. The big cab operators have set fares of between 450 and 500 SEK for journeys to and from Stockholm Arlanda airport.

Besides the big taxis, there are several separate businesses; beware: you can reach a cab easy by phoning a cab operator, phoning one on the road or taking a cab of one level. At the main station there is a staffed taxicab centre that can help you find the right services, e.g. if you need car seat.

Some of the major Stockholm cab operators have a very high share of eco-vehicles.

Taxi Wickford Prices

No matter whether you are spending an night with your buddies, on vacation or on vacation, we are able to offer you a dependable, attentive and individual approach to your needs, 24 hour a day, 365 holidays a year.

If you need a Meet and Greet facility, please include 10.00 in the above rates. When you need a quote for a location not listed above, please use our rate calculation tool on the homepage for a fast and simple quote. You can also call us by phone at 01268 27 27 27 27 27 or at our offices.

The above mentioned rates are guide only. Please call the number 01268 27272727 for a more detailled offer. Price changes reserved.

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