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Tariffs for black taxis

Black London Taxi Tariffs - London Forum There is a website where I can research fees for London Black Cabs - I have to go from London Waterloo to the Premier Inn, Aldgate East, then Aldgate East to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Stadium. "If the counter was in use, it should have been if it was a real black cab. Fares are a mixture of travel distances and times, so what you will be billed for one and the same trip the next can vary greatly if one of the dates has had more jams. Do you mean to say that the taxi driver took you on a longer trip and that you know for sure that there were no delays on the more immediate one?

It is very uncommon for a black taxi rider to ask too much because otherwise he would loose his driver's licence. It is also tricky because tariffs are measured and travellers can monitor the counter at any time. Some of them seem to take a longer way (to prevent transport, demonstrations or detours) or the price is higher than what a traveller would expect, just because of the amount of transport or because the traveller does not use black taxis, which are frequent and without knowing the costs.

Did you ever see how to travel through London by bus, train or train, less expensive and faster than by cab? The Aldgate East to Queen Elizabeth Olympic Stadium can be reached by metro for 1.70 peak/£1.50 off peaks per passenger with Oyster/Contactless. From Waterloo you can also use commuter trains to the towns near Aldgate East.

It is up to +/- 20% exact, dependent on transport on the specified itinerary. However, when there are heavy jams, the taxi driver can take a longer distance to get you there faster, which drives the tariffs out of the running on the website. Taxis are very experienced in locating costly itineraries and large lines in which to wait.

I' d be expecting that a Ueber costs about a dime to match that amount for a black cab. Don't ever panic about the chance that a black taxi rider will take a wrong turn. I' m speaking from past experiences and the rider was not too happy when I gave him the itinerary he should have taken.

At an earlier opportunity we drove from the Royal Albert Hall to Waterloo and received a fee of £35.00. We know London quite well and I know that we had a very complicated journey. Drivers didn't know anything about the long-term construction sites in the Victoria area and seemed a little confused.

I am not a man who challenges humans, so I would have liked a broad understanding of fees, I guess transport might have changed this.

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