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View reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about CabFare. The CabFare is a groundbreaking technology that raises the safety and privacy of passengers in taxis to the level expected by the general public. Take an official taxi or a carpooling/hailing app and pay with a credit card.

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CabFare in the App Store

There is no need to reserve and maintain a trip - just call a CabFare-enabled cab or collect one from the booth and CabFare offers you a more intelligent, secure and simple travel solution. As soon as you have installed the CabFare app, it remains calm in the back until you get into a CabFare-enabled cab.

As often as possible, we upgrade the app to make it quicker and more dependable for you, with the latest functions and corrections. It' good to have some superatures when I call a cab off the road. Place This application can use your site even if it is not open, which can shorten your batteries.

The CabFare iPhone App - Silver Winner

A groundbreaking innovation that brings the security and personal space of cab users to the levels anticipated by the general population, CabFare is the only app in the worlwide that uses iBeacon' s cutting-edge technologies in the cab business. CabFare App is the first app for cab stands and road hauls, accounting for up to 70% of all cab and carpool rides.

This makes it the ideal partner for taxis and car-sharing applications. The CabFare iPhone app was developed and developed by Outware Mobile, an innovator new app that enhances the pleasure of taxis for travellers and riders. The CabFare is developed to: A smooth and comfortable navigation is decisive for the CabFare app's successful operation.

In contrast to many other cab reservation applications, CabFare is specially conceived for taxis and road rides, which according to research account for up to 70% of all taxis and carpool rides. Occasionally, a passenger may only want to get into the closest taxicab on the road without having to make a reservation or when a reservation is not appropriate.

CabFare solves the information asymmetry between travellers and riders through the application of iBeacons: when a cab is called on the road or collected by a cab stand, the traveller benefits in 3 ways: - Enhanced security: Automatic reception of chauffeur and trip information on your smartphone and can immediately be shared with your friend or family; - Enhanced privacy: Do not sign up in the app, guests stay totally anonymized for the chauffeur, cab operator and even CabFare; - Enhanced security: Use the app to make payments without having to disclose your name, address or even your bank account information to CabFare or the cab operator.

CabFare, on the other side, will also help the driver to fight against ride-sharing applications like Uber. This allows them to offer the same comfort and safety to cab users as over-users without the need for large investments or changes to their company. CabFare app also allows the driver to pay via the CabFare app, which reduces the chance of theft and injury caused by too much money in the car.

As an alternative, travellers can choose to make their payments by using a bank transfer at a taxicab station or in person. In order to make sure that the CabFare app is as smooth and comfortable as possible for all of our customers, the app has been contextually conceived and many of the process has been automatic. When the CabFare app is downloaded for the first moment, customers only have to indicate that they are customers, then the CabFare app is enabled by iBeacons fitted in the cabs taking part.

Once the traveller gets into a cab, they are notified to see the detail of the rider and to follow and communicate their pick-up and drop-off points with friend and relatives. Payments can be made safely in the app without the need for travellers to give away valid plastics. When a CabFare occupant gets into the cab, a ride starts automaticly for those who use the app.

The driver has the option to terminate the trip and return the fare for consideration by the customer, including tip and voucher option. You can also see a historical record of all your CabFare-enabled trips. This app is free for both driver and traveller to ensure a higher degree of security and comfort for travellers using rail and rail cabs.

CabFare's two component market approach is that passenger and cab companies are the driver, driver and network. Using the iBeacon platform provides great opportunities to test and execute maximity marketers' campaigns that have not been proven in on-demand taxis. The CabFare is aimed at all audiences with call to play and gaming via soft, e-mail and hard copy TVs.

With CabFare, we will also develop advanced online merchandising solutions to make CabFare services known to families, employees and people. Travellers do not sign up with the CabFare app, they stay totally anonymized to the iBeacon, the chauffeur, the cab operator and even CabFare. Similarly, only the information required by the government authorities is made available to drivers.

Payments with the App are made without the traveller having to share his/her name, address and password with the CabFare cab fare operator or cab-operator. When it comes to the gathering and retention of your personally identifiable information, CabFare abides by all applicable data protection legislation in Australia.

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