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Mini cabs can be a cheaper alternative, ask prices before hand as they are not on a meter. I'll only use Black & White taxis now! White Transportation Online Services Pricing.

Norfolk black and white cabins

The wait is to be taken into account: Tedious while a taxi is stopping or slowing down to accelerate travel to a rate of less than 12 mph. During this period no kilometres will be computed. Expenditure of travel hours for delay or intermediate stops on the line in the passengers' sense.

Delay does not imply any loss of quality due to the lack of efficiency of a taxi.

Schwarz-WeiƟ-Transport - Prices

Toledo, Ohio-based Taxicab services are managed by the Municipality of Toledo and the State of Ohio. Part Seven, Title Three, Section 781 of Toledo Municipal Code prescribes the fees to be levied. Taximeters levy a $2.00 (two dollars) tax in excess of the fees resulting from the travelled distances and overtime.

b ) Travelled path in the holding. 1. Max Sentence. Up to a limit of 23 Cent ($0.23) per ten miles earned. 2. Minumum percentage. There is a 23 cent ($0.23) per ten miles mark floor. c) Wait period. Withdrawal is calculated at a forty-cent ( $0.40) per-minute rate (24 dollar ( $24.00) per hour), and Withdrawal includes the period during which the taxi is not in movement after it arrives at the place where it was requested, and the period of travel that has been used at the passenger's instruction without charging a fee for the period incurred due to the uneconomic nature of the taxi or its operator, or for the period of travel that elapses in the event of early arrivals in response to a call.

Seniors who are in possession of a Golden Buckeye Card or are sixty-five (65) years of age or over will be entitled to a ten per cent (10%) discount if they have previously signed up with the taxi operator that entitles them to such a discount.

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