Round the World Ticket Planner

Ticket planner around the world

Allow us to show you how to plan a trip around the world. The planning aid supports you throughout the entire process, from ticket purchase to launch. Here you get everything you need to know about planning and booking a world ticket from a single source. Schedule your world trip with our travel planner.

All set to get going? This is how you are planning a journey around the world:

And we know that it can be a challenge to plan a journey around the world. Therefore, we share our best long haul resources: to take the secret and disappointment out of the way. Whatever your long-term itinerary, be it an Around the World Tour (RTW), a Multi-City Remote Year in Europe or South America, or a Pacific Circle Tour, we are here to help you find out how best to see the world.

With years of working with travelers around the world and multi-destination flights, we have learned some lesson about how to schedule your journey and we are here to help you get the most out of it. You can also contact our dedicated tour guides to help you with any queries you may have and to help you make your booking.

This is how you are planning a journey around the world: Leverage these assets to make your journey around the world great right from the start, from the first glimpse of a journey concept to the minute you set off for the airports. ItĀ involves what you should do during the run-up to your journey and when.

Hints to help you choose which places to consider as you journey around the world, based on your own individual preference. There are 20 wonderful ways to put your cash in the banks (and keep it there). Learn how to prepare a corporate finance plan to control your spending on the roads and how to find out what your journey around the world will cost. How to get a corporate finance plan to help you get there.

With whom shall I go? The best insight into the selection of tour guides and how it feels to go alone, in pairs, with kids and more on a world tour. Where can I buy my ticket? This is perhaps the most important thing you take with you on your journey around the world (after your passport).

You can find more travel advice in our section entitled REACH. Yet another great place to try it out is Around the World by our buddies at BootsnAll.

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