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Revenue forecast for aircraft in 2018 and what buyers and sellers need to know Dean was asked to post on this blogs because of his experience in aircraft brokering and the coordination of aircraft keepers and charters. Aeronautics covers many areas, from personal business aircraft chartering air travel as an elevated over-sharing approach, to advance payment of aircraft unit hour on tickets, to co-ownership and personal use.

According to what your needs are, there are things you need to consider in order to buy and sell an aircraft next year. Here is our forecast for 2018 and what both aircraft purchasers and vendors need to know: We have definitely been in a buyer's mark- since the October 2008 economic downturn.

Before October 2008 we were certainly in a seller's mark-and this was warranted as many purchasers bought several "aircraft slots " that they sold at a gain and got back their initial down payment of $150,000. In the case of the bigger aircraft, significantly higher bonuses resulted from the disposal of "aircraft slots".

" We are now on a buyer's exchange and there is no sign that we will be even close to a seller's exchange in the near future. For most aircraft, current stocks do not move at face value or any kind of bonus. Nearly all sales went to purchasers who purchased aircraft at massive rebates.

The few aircraft vendors who can say they actually resold their aircraft were because they came up with a realm price, worked with the buyer's conditions and sometimes even accepted imaginative pay schemes or were open to take the aircraft into trading. But if the US Congress gives greater incentive to the present write-off legislation in 2018, then we could see the buyer's side become a seller's side.

This would mean that it would be much simpler to resell aircraft as many purchasers may not need finance or banking rules (and all levels of requirement associated with such funding authorisation steps). Instead, these purchasers will write their own corporate cheques and transfer 100% of the money so that they can take full benefit of such aircraft taxes.

You might think that promoting the aircraft on suitable web sites together with good images and relevant information would result in a sales transaction. Sadly, these moves will not result in a sales in this area. Aircraft purchasers are experienced people, preoccupied by men looking for the latest and best aircraft designs. However, the reality is that if the vendor wants to resell, it must be at a "fair price " and discarding a low-ball bid is not a start.

Too often, when shoppers make bids, we see that they are making a much too low bid, which can result in offending the vendor. On the other side, however, a low bid may be the point of departure for both sides to be able to interact in order to reach a centre that is equitable for sellers and purchasers.

Thus, before an aircraft is listed, it is ubiquitous to ensure that recent sales are made with similar option, hour and plan dates and schedules and that these records are then used to achieve the anticipated selling price. Ultimately, the vendor will always want the highest net selling price after all issues from the close have been settled, and if he has an unrealistic selling price at the beginning, this could mean that he/she could be trapped with hold charges of hundred thousand dollar (or more) for a year or more while driving the aircraft down because the aircraft could not be resold due to unrealistic price forecasts.

A proposal to a vendor would be to have the right expectation by beginning and setting a reasonable price once the aircraft is quoted. When US legislation is amended in 2018 to instead allow 100% aircraft writedown to be claimed in the same year of aircraft shipment (as is being discussed at the moment), the current US aircraft writedown is likely to turn to a seller's aircraft writedown, which would mean that both new and used aircraft would increase in value and higher retail value would be maintained due to higher aircraft demands and a more restricted aircraft offering.

Overall, for those vendors who are serious about their aircraft sales, it is essential that you have the expert support of an expert aircraft sales advisor or agent who can offer you the latest aircraft sales and then properly adjust the "ask price" from the very first trading session. It allows the vendor to convey the right messages to all purchasers and their agents that this is a real deal.

It'?s the markets that will do the work.

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