Amazing Private Jets

Astonishing private jets

with interiors more beautiful than most of the houses you've been to. Astonishing private luxury jets of the rich and famous Now, if you're like most of the wealthy and celebrity, you'd buy yourself a great private airplane. Whilst most corporate smugglers and VIPs are satisfied with just having their own private jets, some have really gone beyond that to build the aircraft of their choice. Jackie Chan to Donald Trump, here are the humans and the airplanes that shake the private deluxe jets game.

Take a look at some of these amazing private jets and see for yourself! With all the luxury of a private jets, the aircraft is outsmarted, but it has one thing no other aircraft does: a pseudo-skylight. The " sky light " is actually a display that extends over the entire length of the aircraft.

It shows a real-time picture of the skies above, making the entire aircraft appear more airy and open. When you want this airplane, be ready to deal $100 million or more in cold cash. From the outside Jackie Chan's private aircraft looks great, with Asian style and Chan's emblem emblazoned in blue and white.

Never mind the timpani on the bus - this aircraft has only one seating line on each side, which means the happy passenger has both a windows and an open area. You can adjust the seating to make a good night's sleep. Chen spent $20 million on this fantastic private airplane. Not only does this aircraft have 1,000 sq m of legroom, but it also has a living room and bedrooms.

Register us for a working session in this aircraft! The 747 of the property investors Joseph Lau is, however, equipped as a private jets! Mr. Lau spent $150 million to remodel the interior of his aircraft to have the look and feeling of a giant one.

A 747 private has its benefits, which include recreation areas, private suits, a private bureau and infinite luxury functions. Let Donald Trump have a private aircraft that can carry almost 300 people! We are not sure if the Air Force Chairman still possesses this aircraft, but we suspect that he does - it actually seems much greater than Air Force One.

Initially made in 1968, the aircraft was seriously improved after Trump bought it for $100 million. Now the airplane is rocking the arts, gold-plated seats, a film system and genuine crystals. When you have $80 million to spend, this is a great one! As well as the off-the-shelf bedrooms, you can also opt for a auditorium, a staff area or a meeting room.

The airplane can travel very quickly and over a very long range. When the private aircraft of your choice is both stylish and environmentally responsible, this is the aircraft for you! With some of the world' s smallest aircraft emission levels, it will burn the least amount of petrol possible for its dimensions, and offer every luxurious comfort you can imagine.

When you thought that Donald Trump was the only important politician with an oversized private luxurious aircraft, think again! Qatar Prince Alawaleed bin Talal actually tripled the costs of the U.S. president's private jets. and spent another $200 million on renovations. That airplane can just get the price for the most amazing private jets in the worlds!

There are also spas, Turkish baths, giant televisions, lifts and bathroom facilities that look like something out of a luxurious suites. In fact, the Duke has his own private seat that looks like a heel! That luxurious private jets is essentially a floating building.

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