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Buy and sell aircraft

The new business aircraft are equipped with guarantees. Ensure that you understand what is insured before purchasing. Aircraft purchase and sale forms. Buying and selling aircraft is a complicated business. Ownership of aircraft is unique from owner to owner.

Aircraft Buy and Sell Resources

When you are on the air to buy a plane, our tips on purchasing a plane are a must. Would you like to sell your aircraft? If so, please have a look at our tips for the sale of an aircraft. Are you considering purchasing an older used aircraft? First, see H. Dean Chamberlain's articles about the first-hand lesson he learnt from purchasing a 53 here!

And if you are trying to determine which is the better way - exclusive vs. co-ownership - then see our articles "Ownership vs. Ownership". There are advantages and disadvantages of each and hints on how you can find the best way for yourself. The following are a number of useful resources for the purchase and sale of aircraft that we have put together for your use.

Exactly how does aircraft financing work?

Buy & Sell Aircraft | Business Jet Traveler

Guarantees are provided for new corporate jets. Those hints can help purchasers and vendors to close a transaction quickly and by mutual agreement. Purchasers of used aircraft can now profit from the abatement of bonuses. Having a fixed top can provide great value, but only if you buy smart. "Many aircraft vendors don't quote an asking price."

Not only can this draw purchasers, it can also be confusing or annoying. Have a look at the 11,500 members' priority, success and objectives of the National Business Aviation Association. There are two reports from expert analysts on the status of the second-hand company. BJT's new BJT editorship highlights remarkable aircraft for purchase. BJT's new BJT editorship highlights remarkable aircraft for purchase.

It is a release by The Convention News Co., Inc., 214 Franklin Avenue, Midland Park, NJ 07432.

Aircraft purchase and sale form

Aeroplane Registering (AC Form 8050-1) - The application for aeroplane registering, AC Form 8050-1, is now available for downloading from the FAA. Certificates of competency are usually issued with an aircraft when it is purchased, but the certification alone does not meet the legal requirements. Purchasers must make sure that the certificates of competency as specified in the Ordinance are up to date.

An FAA Form 8130-6 Standard Certificate of Airworthiness will remain in effect as long as the aircraft is serviced and duly enrolled as required by the Federal Aviation Administration.

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