Sea Plane in Sri Lanka

Seaside in Sri Lanka

New seaplane air taxi service connects Colombo with Trincomalee and the northeast coast of Sri Lanka. You can enjoy the freedom of flying by helicopter or seaplane. Seaplanes Sri Lanka, seaplane charter Sri Lanka, seaplane tours Sri Lanka

Seaplanes can get to any part of Sri Lanka within 60 min if you want to get to your destinations more quickly. Enjoy the most breathtaking vistas of the countryside and unspoilt sandy shores of this captivating yet charming island. It is one of the most dependable aircrafts in the planet, capable of landing on sea and shore, and providing easy access to many parts of the state.

The amphibians can be chartered to travel with liberty, versatility and luxurious travel to many Sri Lankan destination.

New seaplanes take off from Sri Lanka

The northeast coastline of Sri Lanka has changed dramatically in recent years, with the addition of a number of trendy new properties that attract fearless travelers. Unafraid, because so far it has been a strenuous six-hour slot (on a good day) from the island's only international airports, near Colombo on the southwest shore, to the tranquil Trincomalee beach (pictured).

The Cinnamon Air service starts seaplanes from Colombo to Trincomalee, which take off at the same time as arriving overseas departures and dramatically reduces travel time to less than one hours. Further goals are Sigiriya in the centre of Sri Lanka and Kandy, Koggala and Weerawila in the southern part.

By seaplane: Fly from Colombo to rest

Dikwella welcomes you to Dikwella Jetty Airfield, near Tangalle on the sandny south shore of Sri Lanka. Of course, if flight from Heathrow were only so simple - without the flesh-eating saurians. Thirty five moments later we land at the Kelani River in the outskirts of the Colombo suburb next to a Buddha sanctuary.

Already the air taxi with which we reached the airport - a 15-seater Twin Otter seaplane - turns its propellers and drives down the stream to its next climb. Powered by the state-owned SriLankan Airlines, the aircraft was re-launched two years ago to re-launch the island's domestic air campaign following the end of the violent 2009 Civil war.

It' a pioneering minibus set in a unique way that is partly cosmopolitan, partly Indiana Jones and partly national. When descending with the Air Taxi to Colombo, the huge building works on the new ring street financed by China attract attention. If the line is finished this year, it will be connected with the new Southern Expressway to Galle and Matara, which will further shorten travel time to the tourist hemisphere.

Inland traffic in Sri Lanka follows a similar scheme to take travellers far away from the clogged Colombo turnstile. Construction of the first section of a newly built Hambantota Multinational Airfield in the south-east of the country is due to begin this year, and regular services to the turbulent northern region have recommenced. Everything good, but the really thrilling thing for romance is the introduction of the fragrant Cinnamon Luftwaffe, a new inland airline with small amphibian aircraft - nine-seater Cessnas with barge and wheel - planned for global outings.

Cinnamon will fly every day to the Trincomalee coastline and Sigiriya Cultural Landscape, providing easy entry to the wild areas of Yala National Park. Cinnamon, a serious competitor to Air Taxi, will open a whole new ecosystem of Dikwella-style nonchalant airport and jungles investors that travelers can scout.

"Sri Lanka has long distance but it' s short", he groans as we pass another tuk-tuk on another curve that winds through the heights. The Ceylon Teas Trails is described as "the first Teebungalow spa in the world" and Norwood Baungalow, where I will be spending the night, apparently "abundant in the fifties character".

None of the two phrases whet my appetite or prepare me for this outstanding new approach to luxurious travelling. Picturesque trails connect the chalets, and I explore the town' s greatness when I walk eight miles past historic towns, small Hindoo shrines and a labyrinth of leafy grass teas, from Norwood to the Castlereagh lake chalet, where I have reserved a dinner place (guests can dine in any of the chalets).

The Castlereagh garden appears to me like a noel coward scenery after my heated outing. All I need is lunches and a round of krocket, but first I have to go to an important place for the further development of aviation in Sri Lanka. Wearing my pants in my stockings to prevent bloodsucking, I kayak in a dug-out kayak with a fisher into the centre of Castlereagh Lak.

I hope the Scots climate will not sink too deep into the valleys this months, because this water-rich place is supposed to be the airfield for a recently ordered plane taking visitors from the southern hemisphere to the Central Highlands. Simplifly's start of the charters based services, operated by Simplifly, combines the royal expertise of the Tea Trails with the luxurious mansions and luxurious hotel facilities around Galle and beyond.

Flight experiences are conceived in such a way that they correspond to the goal's level of comfort. The new four-seat Cessna with A/C, stylish paintwork and touch screen control is James Bond's purest choice when it comes to the Indiana Jones way of travelling. Seaplane flights are to become even more appealing to tourists with the expansion of new motorways over Sri Lanka and the construction of more street eateries and cheaper hotel accommodation on the straight roads to paradise.

Surely you don't want to jump over Colombo's complicated situation for a jump into a jungles beach resorts or prevent the confusion of getting bogged down in road when there are beautiful sandy shores and teehills to be enjoyed? But the air has more to offer than just velocity and comfort. Those hardworking airplanes, which fly deep in the tropic skies, enable us to appreciate the pristine nature of this noble verdant isle.

The Experience Travel Group organises tailor-made trips through Sri Lanka. Similar to the seven-night route described above, with three overnight stays on the Ceylon Tea Trails (all-inclusive) and three overnight stays on the southern shore, begins at 2,540 per head, divided into two parts.

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