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Here you will find the latest over-price details for Auckland, New Zealand, including mileage, minute, cancellation fees, historical prices and more. To Auckland - Driving - Driving - Driving - Earning a living

No matter whether you are travelling to CBD, North Shore or Auckland Airport, the Uber AP combines you with a secure, cost-effective and dependable journey in just a few moments. The partnership with Uber in Auckland is a versatile way to earn some additional cash, and you get payed every week just because you helped our driver fellowship get through the city.

That' s why we work with thousands of Auckland residents who keep Auckland on the move. Collectively, we are strengthening the community economies, contributing to making roads safe from drunken and diverted drivers, and promoting a more networked, less overloaded world. Auckland CBD and the inner city. Look in the application to see if Uber is available near you.

About is not a transport company. A $4 charge is made for all pick-ups from Auckland Aiport.

Contacting Uber in New Zealand

Both new and current drivers can come and see us at the Uber Greenlight Hub to get personal support, help upload your documentation and even receive instructional video and application demos. Interacting with Uber up and down the application should be pleasant and secure for everyone. To this end, please handle your passengers, passengers, staff and suppliers as you would like to be treated: with the utmost discretion.

Your way of dealing with others, whether in our Greenlight Hubs, through our on-line technical assistance system or over the telephone, may affect your balance level. Examples include asking excessively face-to-face question, making threats, making comments and/or making actions and/or showing behavior that is considered offensive, sexually explicit, offensive, discriminatory, or irreverent, may lead to a suspension of your Account.

When the problems are serious or are a repeated offence or you decline to co-operate, you may loose your persistent connection to the Uber application.

Go or go with Uber in Dunedin.

No matter if you drive to work, to the airports or to the city, Uber combines you with a dependable journey in a few toutes. Full and part-time operations for Dunedin based independant contractor give you the freedom to work as much or as little as you want. Über will take good care of all the detail so you can concentrate on your motoring when it works for you.

About is passionately interested in making your town better. Collectively, we strengthen the community's economies, help make roads safe from drunken drivers, and promote a less polluted world. About is not a transport company. Package prices are applicable for non-stop journeys between certain places. During periods of strong market demands, our tariffs vary over the years to keep our cars available.

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