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Show all Spectrum TV articles. Is it possible to use my own modem with my Internet service? LIHEAP, Weather Aid, Food on Wheels, Community Dining and Fall Risk Reduction in Alameda County.

Range of services

Spectrum coordination is the main basis for any privately owned wireless system. The Spectrum Service provides you with the most powerful and economical communications system possible. Licence Sentry, a service to administer and secure your spectrum. This service will notify subscribers when registrations are submitted that are in the same or neighbouring PLMRS or MAS frequency range on their identified PLMRS or MAS frequency within the customer's preference.

Offer empty bowl tickets!

Spectrum customers like Ben have hopes for a better tomorrow thanks to supporter like you. In the Spectrum Youth Voices session, a female clientele talks about the experience they bring to Spectrum and the roles the fellowship has played in helping the Homeless and vulnerable youngsters. A group of 65 young adults met on the Champlain College grounds on 5 May for Spectrum's yearly Multicultural Youth Leadership Conference.

Together they developed managerial qualities, got to know management possibilities in the team and made new friends and contacts. Have a look at the pictures from this year's Multicultural Youth leadership Conference on our Facebook page.

Homepage - Wesley Family Services

The Wesley Family Service provides high-quality behavior-based health care and supportive therapy care that supports the needs of individuals, parents and family throughout their lives. As one in 59 autism -spectrum babies is detected, we know the particular challenge faced by locals. Regardless of how old your baby is or where he fits on the spectrum, we have a range of treatments that can be customized to meet his needs.

Behavioural wholesomeness and therapy assistance for Wesley K-8 and Wesley High Schools pupils and in more than 50 communities. As we know, many human beings and households struggle with drug misuse and drug dependence. In the course of our life, many humans face behavioural or psychological problems.

Working in close collaboration with you or your member of the immediate community, our employees create a therapeutic program that meets your needs. With information about Medicare, free home security check, organizing in-home care and coordinating volunteers with older adult volunteers who need non-medical help, we can help.

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