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Purchase International airline tickets to help you make savings.

Andy G., the readers, shares this story, which speaks about how to buy airline tickets internationally - and get the best offer for the fare, depending on the countries where the tickets are bought. It seems to me to overstate the case a little ("once I was in Bangkok, the same plane that was once $300 would drop to $30, almost inexplicably"), but it's really important to understand what "point of sale" means for fare-purchasing.

It is often less expensive to buy tickets "in the country" in South America and Asia than to buy the same tickets abroad. And the same applies to the purchase of rail tickets in Europe compared to on-line tickets in English. Some fares are intended for certain "points of sale" - a price that is only available if it is offered in a particular state.

Limitations are also placed on the available seating at a specific rate depending on the point of purchase. When you buy an Intra-Vietnam in the USA on-line, you can only see full-rate tickets, e.g. compared to discounts available when your point of sales is Vietnam. There may be a lower price to buy Vietnam Airlines trips on their own website (sold in Vietnam) than in Orbitz.com (Point of Sales = USA).

ITA Software Matrix, which is useful for finding tickets and fares, but does not offer tickets for sale, is useful in this respect, as you can specify the location where tickets are bought. It also has built-in foreign exchange so you can simply change the USD denomination even if you are looking for tickets from Colombo, Sri Lanka, for example.

It is interesting to note that the topic of "point of sale" is also important for reward trips. Air carriers that make more premium inventories available to their own Frequent Flyers than to those of affiliates - while they reserve premiums in the same reservation category - mainly impose point of sales limitations.

In the case of an own Point of Sales, the higher level of disposability is compared to a Point of Sales in the case of a partners. So, how do you buy tickets to be exhibited in another state? Many of us do not have contact with our own agents in all those places where we want to buy tickets.

Purchasing through an airline's website is an easier way. While some sites ask your home state, others don't. Expedia has a variety of country-specific sites that you can use to purchase tickets that have been exhibited in that particular county.

For example, I have used the Expedia sites in Germany, Spain, Canada, New Zealand and Brazil at some point. Enforcing the issuance of tickets in a particular state, often through the Expedia website, is one of the fundamental instruments of the " fuelling process ".

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