Private Jet Flights for Commercial Airline Prices

flights by private jet at the prices of commercial airlines

Airliners are often seen as a luxury that only the rich can afford, but that is no longer the case. Privat jet vs. commercial airline Private jet travel has a number of benefits over commercial flights, some of which you may not have noticed. In contrast to commercial scheduled aircraft, private aircraft do not have to go through safety checks and check-points. When you are in a rush or depart at the last minute, private jet travel is the way to go.

If you are chartering a private plane, you will usually receive the pilot's mobile phone number so that you can get to him quickly and easily. Rather than arriving at the airfield hour before your commercial departure, you can appear in a private jet up to 30 min before your planned departure times.

Normally commercial airline companies refer animals to a dedicated waiting room, in cagegage. Privatjets don't do that. Considering that pet animals are often members of the extended familiy, private jet aircraft allow pet animals to drive with you in the sitting areas. However, inland flights can be ideal for those who want to go travelling with their loved one.

Commercially, airline companies all seem to be serving the same kind of meal - and it's seldom good. At the same a private jet can handle anything you want because you are making the preparations. Since you are organising the meal, snack and drink that will be serving on the boat in advance, there is no way you can hold on to an outdated platter of hens unless that is what you want it to be!

Over the years, the costs of private jet charters have dropped drastically, making it a sensible price to pay, similar to some premium quality ticketing. On certain flights it may be cheaper to rent a private jet with a pile of your buddies and your relatives than to buy a first rate on a scheduled flight; the same amount you would pay for it could give you a private jet economy cruise especially on home flights.

While all flights are regulated and all carriers are generally secure, private aircraft are subjected to several third party inspections before passing the inspections. Moreover, private jet drivers are just as qualified as professional drivers and are often in better physical form as they do not have long sleepless nights.

Whatever your ultimate goal, take the while to consider the advantages and disadvantages of travelling with a private jet on a scheduled service. Perhaps you will find that it is better to choose the private way than you ever thought!

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