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Select a Round the World Airfare deal. Stretch 'em legs (and vocal chords) and get ready to follow the sun around the globe. The RTW Price Guarantee Plus, tips and tricks to get the most out of RTW tickets.

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If you are willing to travel the world, a Round the World tariff provides an astonishing value and the versatility to pursue your dream. More information on fares, a listing of the 28 Star Alliance carriers and a convenient booking and fly feature can be found on the Star Alliance website. If you are on a Star Alliance airline's FFP program, you can collect points and cash in rewards for everyone.

Being a member of Airpoints will earn you Airpoints Dollars and Level Points for every Star Alliance ticket you fly in a qualifying reservation category. Once you have achieved Airpoints Gold or Elite designation, you will enjoy Star Alliance Gold visibility and benefits with all Star Alliance carriers.

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How about a sightseeing flight around the world? What's nice about a Round the World is that it leads you, well, around the world! And one of the best things about a Round the World fares is that it resolves long-haul trips by simply including stopovers without the trouble of having to book single tickets.

The New Zealand traveller begins his or her trip in Asia or the United States before discovering major destinations such as London, Paris, Berlin and beyond, and travels to Asia or the United States (depending on where he or she started) before returning home. And the best way to organize a trip around the world is to select the places you want to go, decide how long you want to stay at each location, and have your Flight Centre Round the World experts put together all the bits of the jigsaw for you by finding low cost airfare, great deals on hotel stays, additional trips, rental cars, trip insurances and more.

Single carriers often offer Round the World fare rates depending on the route they use. However, the only general policy for round-the-world fare offers by airline companies is that you must schedule a stop at their main hubs (e.g. Helsinki for Finnair) while airline partners can accompany you for the rest of your itinerary.

Others Round the World flight choices are introduced by Onworld, Star Alliance and SkyTeam, which are calculated according to mileage and cab category and can range from three to 15 stations.

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