Corporate Jet Charter Rates

Charter rates for business jets

Charter jets As you may know, Talon Air can arrange charter of your own jet, offer auto servicing, on-board food and beverage facilities, and offer an on-call travel preparation concierge, all within threehrs. This is just one of the many advantages you should appreciate when chartering a Talon Air jet. How are charter rates for privately owned jets calculated? In addition to cabin crews' wages and maintenance, the total costs of a charter ed jet consist of overhead costs such as landings, consumption tax, loading and unloading charges and kerosene supplements. When it comes to all-inclusive benefits, Talon Air is completely transparently portrayed.

The exact charges payable for each charter will be notified in advance and will never be higher than stated. Talon customers can reduce expenses in many ways, including mid-week flights, sharing expenses among a larger number of travelers, selecting smaller airfields with lower charges, switching to counter-flow travel, and flexibility in flight departures and arrivals.

How does Talon Air define its commitment to security? Carefully prepared check lists before and after each aircraft take care that the aircraft are again fit to take off. Talon-Piloten are all US citizen with perfect flying documents and FAA health certifications. Aeroplane ageing is also a consideration in the security arrangements for privately owned jets.

Responsibility is more important for security than most people can possibly believe. The Talon has a vertical integration fleets and independent facilities where the highest standard is met. Complete operative controls mean that Talon staff carry out flying, scheduling and servicing tasks on Talon-owned aircrafts. FAA and other major security organisations such as Wyvern Wingman and ARG/US Platinum conduct regular airworthiness reviews annually and give Talon Air the highest level of security assessments for on-board inspections, servicing and security onboard.

How does the maintenance of personal jets work? The Talon Air crews are an authoritative force in the field of repairs to avionic equipment, comprising air communication, navigational aids, crash prevention, meteorology, surveillance, airplane operations as well as air traffic controllers and recorders. Overhaul, instruments and components service with sophisticated debugging and repairs, and upgrade (including cab interior managements ) ensures that every Talon is at the top of its game on every individual ride.

The dedication of Talon Myllykoski to offering its customers a safer and more pleasurable travelling environment than any other makes this well-oiled luxurious aircraft so efficient and with such undeniably beneficial results. Call a Talon Authorized Agent to make your charter reservation today by phoning 1-888-TALON-AIR or clicking Request Quote.

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