Taxi Driver Application

Taxidriver application

Drivers application Taxi driver you have the possibility to work in different shift and make an earning every single daily profit. The driver must comply with all the following requirements: 01/ Do you have a current driver's licence or can you acquire this before the journey. 03/No more than one (1) failure in the last three (3) years.

04/ Have not had any drinking or drug-related beliefs in the last five (5) years. 05/ Do not have any criminal sentences in the last ten (10) years. 06/ Do not have any home abuses or condemnations for sexually explicit conduct. When all of the above points are met, we welcome you to fill out the online application below OR submit your application in person:

Applying for Taxi Driver Jobs in Milwaukee, WI

To be a taxi driver is an exhilarating and worthwhile job. Just rent the vehicle and the cash you collect while travelling is your property; no wait. WHICH IS NECESSARY FOR RIDING? Prospective riders must be at least 25 years of age and hold a WI driver's licence.

Please fill in the application form or send it personally to our offices. Personal application will be considered from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 3 pm. We' befinden uns in 646 Sud 2ième Rue, Milwaukee, WI 53204. Tidy, luxurious and well serviced cars. sixty-four six southern second st. Milwaukee.

Taxidriver application

Fill in the full application form below and click on Submit application at the bottom of the page. Please note: You must have a WI driver's licence in order to obtain it. Information about the driving licence: Are you licensed to operate a taxi (PPL) from the city of Milwaukee? What is the licence #?

Did you ever drive a taxi in the past? In the past, if you took a taxi, but not to Milwaukee, what town? Questions on the history of acquisition: Had you ever surrendered or withdrawn a kind of car registration certificate, or have you ever been refused a licence, permission or privilege to drive a car?

Have you a criminal complaint or a condemnation for drunk-driving? Have you a pending indictment or sentence for possessing a substance under control? Have you got a criminal complaint or sentence for an offence or crime? Which times do you want to go? 5 (j) The employers must ask the worker whether he or she has positively or negligently carried out a preemployment test for drugs or alcohol carried out by an employers during which the worker has requested, but not received, in the last two years, safety-sensitive transport work subject to the DOT Agency's regulations on drugs and alcohol tests.

You have the following legal remedies with respect to investigation information I. The right to verify information from prior employment. Right to have mistakes in the information rectified by the prior employee and for that prior employee to resend the rectified information to the future employee. Right to attach a refutation declaration to the allegedly false information if the former employee and the driver cannot reach agreement on the correctness of the information.

I hereby certify that I have filled in this application and that all information and data contained therein are to the best of my ability accurate and comprehensive. You are empowered to conduct such inquiries and to investigate my background, whether personally, professionally, financially, medically or otherwise, and other related issues necessary for an employment determination.

In general, requests for information on patient histories are only made if and after a contingent job opportunity has been prolonged. Hereby, I hereby relieve employer, school, healthcare provider and other individuals of any responsibility in answering questions and disclosing information in connection with my application. If I am employed, I appreciate that incorrect or deceptive information in my application or interview(s) may lead to my application being granted leave of absence.

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