Minibus Airport run

Airport minibus service

Standard and Executive minibus hire from and to all UK airports. Transfers to airports, executive taxi services, business or leisure. Minibus rental with 8-10 seats and drivers The 8-10-seat minibuses we offer make this load easier and allow your group to share the journey. Much of the spending together makes for a more pleasant journey. No matter whether for a company visit or a vacation with your whole team.

We have a 8-10 seat minibus hire service covering all transportation needs.

With us you can make a sight-seeing trip and fully appreciate what the UK has to offer. Just click on the link below to find out more. Need an airport pick up for your hostess? This 8-10-seat minibus is perfect for airport operations. Our team is very skilled and can solve any problem. When you are not sure which car you need, just ask at the reservation desk.

We have a large 8-10 seat minibus park, all well serviced and up to date. The ActuaTransport will provide you with the necessary transport equipment. When you have a special inquiry for certain car modification, these can be ordered through the reservation desk. ActuaTransport bookings ensure high levels of customer care at a competitive cost. ActuaTransport is proud of our outstanding services. They are always well presented and well-represented.

ActuaTransport understands that our services can make your journey even more exceptional. Ensure you get the most out of your journey and make your booking with ActuaTransport.

Airport-transfer, minibus & driver private rental

No counters are used, you only paid the fare you indicated, there are no extra charges if the trip is as offered. In case you have specific wishes, we will do our best to fulfil them as best we can, please ask at the time of reservation. From A to A and back; airport transfers, nights out, weddings, race days.

When you need extra room for baggage or you want your car to be free of baggage, we have a tag that can carry up to 20 suitcases plus carry-on baggage. Our fleet includes 4, 8, 14 or 16 passenger cars with baggage compartments for everyone.

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