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Charter Professionals

Charter company most frequently recommended by Air Charter Professionals. informations Turbo-props - The perfect low-cost option for short trips with 2-8 passengers. Business Jet - Light business jet aircraft, elegant and perfect for small groups of up to 8 persons. Medium Business Aircraft - Extended cruising ranges, accommodation and higher capacity for up to 8 passengers. Big business aircraft - The top of privately owned aircraft, long-range comfortable for groups of 9-18 persons.

Aircraft - 70 to 350 passenger, large carrier charter or engaged carrier, longhaul. The VIP plane - 20-70 passenger, adjustable cruising distance, luxury accommodation. Flight Charter is perfect for company and executive divisions, sports organisations and other personal needs anywhere in the United States. It is also important to us that we differentiate ourselves from our competitors by providing first class services and state-of-the-art tooling for our clients.

Throughout the years, we have continually enhanced our communications channel with our customers by creating a set of documentation to make sure that every charter client receives all the information they need on time and in a suitable form. Many of our charter choices are based on price, and we are aware of this.

We have a professional staff that searches the whole travel and tourism sector and presents several offers for each tour, according to your needs. All our certification documentation and agreements are very easy and direct and contain all relevant information of your charter flights. As soon as your charter is offered and approved, we will present you with the most comprehensive charter summaries available in the world.

Each detail, each point of direct communication, each possible problem around the trip is presented in a clear and accessible way. On our website we provide a wealth of information about certain planes and include "virtual tours" of many of the planes that make it possible to visit the cabin and get a really good feeling of what is available.

There are special websites where your travel information is published and stored for later use. This site also offers a "real-time" aircraft trace function that allows you to track your aircraft from your own screen as it moves through the area. Every personnel used on our corporate charter flights are checked by the Aviation Research Group data base, which allows us to verify the security and efficiency of the personnel associated with your flights.

Our employees are all accredited and meet all Federal Aviation Administration regulations. Over the years, the ecosystem of top-tier carriers we have established gives us the assurance that the planes we have recommended will be kept at the highest standard and prepared for punctuality.

A personal agent is allocated to each charter flight, who is in permanent touch for the entire charter period and is available around the clock by mobile telephone and e-mail. We are growing through the width of our networks and our long client roster. In our heart there is a strong foundation of people who are professionals in the business and know how to harness the charter expertise for you and your business.

More than 50 years of professional expertise in the aerospace and charter industry. Our experienced sales force has a wide spectrum of experiences and business connections that enable us to offer our customers charter services.

Our membership and long-standing networks with airplane owners give us worldwide air traffic control capability for more than a thousand years. Our broad global reach enables our customers to quickly gain air travel to any part of the globe that would otherwise not be available.

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