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The Private Air Charter in London, UK, offers privacy, efficiency and flexibility to ensure a pleasant journey through time. airplane charters This is the airport's mainstay. Now Biggin Hill can be used by airplanes - whether owned or charters - to transport passenger, cargo or game. An airport must not allow scheduled flights on which a passenger can buy an exclusive air fare, except in the case of a one-off event.

It is also intended for individuals who wish to hire an airplane to make their journey a comfortable, personalized option to a commercial service - or perhaps even to a local aerodrome near their end destinations that are not served by a commercial one.

Often travellers discover that this is not only a quicker, more pleasant and easier way to get around, but can also be surprisingly inexpensive. An airplane hired by you will fly according to your timetable and can be detained even if your date is exceeded. No long check-in periods - owners of personal jet planes use the designated commercial airfields - and in these difficult days the additional safety of a personal charters is a decisive advantage.

Aircrafts with up to 120 occupant berths or cargo of up to 21,000 kilograms can be accepted. Thus we can offer everything from small group tours with one or two people to large meeting groups, sports clubs and so on. It has the same safety features and facilities as large aerodromes and, as a member of the National Aviation Safety Programme (NASP), can perform holdings and carry-on checks.

When you want to rent a plane from Biggin Hill, there is a wide choice - either from airport managers or from other base locations that come to the airport specifically for your needs. Please call 01959 578500 and request a quote for a cruise or email us with your request including date and time, if known, number of guests, final destinations and whether you are expecting extraordinary luggage such as club accommodation or trade fair gear.

As an alternative, please directly address our local operator as described below or your yacht brokers (see also the BACCA website). Reasonably priced intra-European flight for up to 8 people. Operating a private Hawker jet hire business, which includes the recently renovated Hawker 800XP. More than 40 years aerospace industry expertise, comprising air charters and airplane operations.

Provide Hawker airplane service assistance and AOG assistance throughout Europe. ESA 145 certified Instandhaltungseinrichtung with the ability to assist non-EASA-planes. Power a multitude of planes, from quotes to the large Embraer Legacy cab.

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