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Experience a reliable journey in a few minutes, at any time and on any day of the year. Empirically, we investigate the influence of over-presence on the demand for (medallion) taxi rides in New York. Want to surpass the on-demand taxi reservation super colossus by incorporating some enhanced functions into your...


There has been a noticeable increase since Uber was founded, or we can say a major turmoil in the taxi and land transport sectors. Uber's triumph is quite evident and so is the glamboy of Uber applications, there was a tide of individuals and companies who longed to create an applications similar to Uber.

How can TraooTech miss this opportunity instead of just creating and marketing cloning applications, we have developed a similar applications creation by designing it with an individual twist for each market segment. Some of the issues that keep cropping up when you're about to start building an appliance similar to About are: How long will it take to get the appliance up and running?

Which functions must be considered or excluded? Which functions will cause my applications to be escalated? This and many more issues are addressed with our only case studies or simply by tapping on our door to get a similar Uber use. Simply take a look at the company's overall approach and the comprehensive functionality of Uber-like applications creation.

Once you have gone through the detail pointing out today are the extended functions that should be present in a similar Uber use. There are two distinct uses for drivers and passengers, as you may know, so we need to design the functions with this in view. To appear with a fully executed or satisfactory appliance, we need all the essential functions of the Uber appliance as well as some enhanced functions to improve its effectiveness and adapt it to your company.

This was the MVP for the drivers and passengers applications, now we come to the functions we really need for your applications to achieve the additional miles of sophistication. This function makes sure that we are on schedule for important dates and occasions.

Freedom to plan trips up to 30 business days in advance, passengers can get their flight, interview or other features on the spot by planning trips only in the event planner. There is a possibility that by including this function in your applications, there may be an additional incentive to attract people.

One great way to make it easier to pay after a trip, no longer having to fight for a bill of exchange, or having to enter credit/debit map information each and every trip, About supported portable purses where you have to enter money once and then your fare is subtracted after each trip and you can have a hassle-free free trip without having to worry about having to pay after the trip.

There is a panel that can be used as a rescuer in the event of an accident or need and should also be available for your application to ensure that your site visitors are safe from our side. A help pushbutton takes us to the SOS or rescue screen, which offers the possibility to call the policeman or withdraw the rescue exercise.

It is unavoidable as it can become a resource for customer loyalty, mouth-to-mouth advertising and a feel-good element for people. User can easily append their favourite place to often go and see it, so they can ease from typing in detail. Via shows this function by displaying a home town, a work place, the most frequently frequented places, etc.

It offers an simple option to quickly make a booking in case of rush. Dividing invoices into restaurant, event, ticket, etc. turns out to be a tedious job, but it does help here with a splitter tariff function. The function will help you to choose the passengers by inserting your mobile contact information, and then the price will be divided according to their place of delivery or, in other cases, evenly divided among the passengers.

Comfort for the rider to make secure journeys for their loved ones and loved ones. That much thought function of Uber offers this freedom for posting a taxi for anyone and you just have to append it via your telephone calls, that's all that simply rings true. Simply reserve a taxi, enter a number, collect the taxi, hand it in and you're ready to go.

These functions allow the driver to take advice from the driver, previously allowing the use of credit card information, but Uber has introduced the Add How Howto function, which allows you to guide the driver through the add program with the amount you want. This can now be a feat that will encourage more and more racers to get involved with the use.

It is necessary for every app you are at your disposal for, every user must sense a confidence on your part, and they need the certainty that your provider is present for any kind of mess, problem or something they are in. Over has set up a 24-hour telephone line to assist the driver, if they are in a predicament, that helps your business, doesn't it?

This function is proving to be a popular driver attraction and allows the operator to set targets to go to so that only these trips are suitable for these trips. It can help the driver to take a trip home or to make a strategy to get the most out of this application or to get the job done.

Alerting the driver for journeys beyond a certain period of 45-60 min. definitely generates a win-win for driver and passenger. The driver can get an overview of the long trip and either interrupt it to complete their duties, or prepare for the long trip by accelerating or doing other things.

For passengers, they do not have to refuse or ask to refuse the passenger as soon as he is reserved, and they refuse for long journeys, which can also waste the passenger's precious travel hours and moneys. On the whole, Uber gets a victory because the racers and passengers are lucky. In order to address problems such as long pick-up periods, cancellations in the middle of long pick-up periods, minimum wait periods and anywhere on the route tolls, Uber has added higher offset functions to guarantee these problems and make chauffeurs breathe to make more money. Uber has also added a new system of automatic charging to help keep chauffeurs on their toes.

This function pays the chauffeur for the longest pick-up and waiting periods and adds him to his default rates. About has begun to increase remuneration for its UberPOOL services launched several years ago. It has to be made clear that they did not previously pay passengers to pick up passengers for a swimming pools trip, but after the corrections they now pay additionally as each passenger is at a different place and has to be set down in different places and notices.

It can help motorists choose UberPOOL more than other service providers, which is a plus for their bags. Small UberPOOL supplements include picking up and dropping off at corners that only allow safe stopping points, helping the rider on stretches that avoid bends and avoid congestion, giving the rider better evaluation advice, and finally giving some training to the UberPOOL rider.

Credit assessments need to be more open and riders should be informed about how they are assessed, what influences their credit assessments and how they can make them better. Evaluations are very important, as with applications like Uber, as they can even deactivate them.

Well, now that Uber's enhanced functions are clear, let's start with the functions that involve one level above Uber for climbing. A choice of favourite chauffeur should be made available to the chauffeur on the basis of previous experience and assessments. By adding some riders as favourites, the skier should be able to reserve one of them for frequently used trips when they are available.

In this way, the driver's interest in the treatment can be maintained. A further way to use this privileged driving function is to prioritise rather than prioritise based on closeness. When there is a desire to share and both a 4. 95 and a 4. 95 and a 4. 95 and a 4. 95 driver want to share the same car. Thinking of a special offer to give motorists the opportunity to select their favourite motorist, we can think of turning the corner and giving motorists the right to obstruct certain motorists who have in any way failed to comply with the rules or who have behaved badly with the motorist in order to disturb him in any way.

Of course, the riders evaluate their guest at the end of the trip, but this function brings it one stage ahead so that the riders can lock down certain riders so that in the near term they won't match them for a trip. We can offer a function for repetitive trips for travellers on regular trips or even for staff whose times and routes are known.

This function allows you to make a total booking for a few nights, specifying the routes and pick-up times. Additional benefit for passengers in this function may be that we can provide them with some discount tariffs if they decide to travel with our app for more working hours under the repeat travel options.

With this function we give the passenger a rental vehicle and he drives himself to the place of his choice and can give it back within the period reserved. The function can allow the user to move forward in a much independant room by offering a self-propelled travel in case they need to go on an excursion or on such a trip.

Passengers only have to reserve a vehicle with a pick-up point, from where they take the vehicle with the predefined date and the predefined hour. Obviously there are already many such rental company utilities, but if this is added to an app like About, folks can get more comfort.

In order to give a compelling impression to the driver, this function can be added so that they can ensure that they are evenly placed and that they can make even more money or can be positioned so that they can get to a target more quickly if some areas where there will be prospective passengers are left at all.

A further aspect of this function is that the driver can search the site of the other driver to know if there are incidents in the city, and they can take an occasion to make that additional dollar. As one of the most important topics these days has been the codes of behavior of drivers as well as passengers, so one of the most important grievances we have seen, through the study of review and discussion, is quitting from the side of the driver as well as the driver.

It should be an option for the smoke free Uber especially for the enthusiastic smoker who may find this a comfortable choice which is both for drivers and for passengers and which can result in a trouble free drive. Having observed similar characteristics from TRooTech's point of view, it is obvious from the characteristics that everyone wants to grasp them and study their use.

Of all the characteristics, each one has a take that supports various aims to scale a level on the scale of perfection of use. Functions such as Split-Fare and UberPOOL, for example, are a blessing for the driver who wants to make some money savings on every trip, while tips and target filter are the business of the driver.

In this way, we can develop the functions, according to the kind of users, that can tempt them to use this use. Let us know what you think and we can come up with something that can compete with or exceed Uber's applications.

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