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Heart of Georgia Regional Airport, P.O. Air Tractor, P.O. Gebaut für die Luftfahrt.

Founded in 1992, the independently held, private enterprise has its headquarters in rented manufacturing plants of over 20,000 sqm.

Founded in 1992, the independently held, private enterprise has its headquarters in rented manufacturing plants of over 20,000 sqm. It is a proud member and sponsor of the Experimental Aircraft Assoc. (EAA), the Aircraft Kit Industry Association (AKIA) and a number of other organisations committed to the promotion of recreational flying.

The Federal Aviation Administration in 2004 authorized the establishment of the Sports Aircraft Licence and the Light Sports Aircraft category. In contrast to individual drivers, sports drivers are not obliged to appoint an yearly doctor, and they cannot use more than one valid driver's licence (after successfully obtaining a sports pilot's licence).

The Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) is a mono-engined aircraft with no more than two seating positions, a max. load of 1300 pounds, a max. stall current of 51 milliph and a max. velocity of 138 milliph. You can build light sports aircraft yourself or buy them completely, but there are many advantages to constructing your own aircraft.

If the CH650, ch701 STOL, CH750 STOL, CH750 STOL and CH750 Cruzer are custom engineered, they will all be classed as light sport aircraft and would be an outstanding option for any sport pilot. What is aircraft construction? What does a STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) aircraft do? It is an on-line tool that provides the client with hands-on and engineering information about flying, aviation dynamics and aircraft construction.

Chris Heintz is a trained aviation engineering technician and graduated from the E.T.H. Institute in Switzerland. When Heintz was a young man, he began to develop and construct his own self-made aircraft made of metals, which used consistently straightforward engineering techniques. Since 1974, as Zenair Ltd. founding, presiding and engineering director, Mr. Heintz has created and engineered more than 12 new aircraft types, which are sold worldwide as kits.

Over 800 aircraft currently travel around the globe in 48 different states. The Heintz designers have gained an outstanding renown among drivers, building owners, the media and aeronautical agencies for their long life all-metal structure, standard air performance, dependability and low uptime. Not only does Chris Heintz develop, test and sponsor aircraft, he is also active in all aspects of General aviation as a long-standing member of the European Aerospace Center (EAA) and regularly holds presentations and forum discussions at capital meeting and fly-ins.

He is also a sought-after lightweight construction advisor, advising government, organisations, academia and individual clients. Heintz has now reached retirement, but is still working as a freelance Designer and Technician and has published a volume on lightweight construction. Although all aircraft are constructed according to certain performance and aeroengine weight standards, Chris Heintz has not constructed these aircraft "around" a particular aeroengine - to maximise the customer's selection for the aeroengine in use.

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