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Sri Lankan Airlines Official website of the airline

SriLankan AirlinesBook directly and save money on airline tickets. Timetables to Colombo airport In order to make an enquiry about an already booked accommodation, please fill in the following information and click on "Get now". Allows you to view your trip information, update a reservation with your miles, make or modify applications, and modify certain service options.

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Srilankan Airlines is the domestic airline of Sri Lanka.

Srilankan Airlines is the domestic air company of Srilankan. Headquartered at Bandaranaike International Airport, Colombo, the company also acts as its major hubs. Lankan Airlines was founded in 1979 when the initial domestic company, Air Ceylon, was canceled. It is currently regarded as one of the world's foremost airlines.

It currently operates a A320, A320neo, A321 and A330 aircraft family. Lankan Airlines offers its customers state-of-the-art passenger accommodation. A flight fare offers a full line of sound, musical, comedy and general programmes that can be experienced with the airline's free headset.

Cabins have monitors that show the airshow, a movemap system that allows the passenger to follow the course of the airshow. Papers and periodicals will be made available to all travelers on all routes, regardless of cost/class. There is a wide range of delicious dishes available to airline guests.

I' ve chosen Sri Lankan Airlines for my trip from Colombo to Singapore. Your plane tickets offer value for your money, whether it's a national or an overseas one. Lankan Airlines is without a doubt one of the best airlines in the world. Since my first trip from Colombo to New Delhi I have never thought about traveling with another carrier.

The Sri Lankan Airlines staff is extremely knowledgeable and experienced and you will find the perfect atmosphere to be at home. Travelling from Colombo to Kuala Lumpur for the first trip, I selected Sri Lankan Airlines for my trip. Mr President, I have to say that the norms of the flight tickets have altered my perceptions of aviation.

You have raised the level of professionality and services to new levels, which in my opinion is hard to find with other airlines. Without Sri Lankan Airlines I cannot conceive of my trip; it is indeed the only plane fare with which I will be travelling. How do I book my flight with SriLankan Airlines and how do I use it?

Sri Lankan Airlines' on-line reservation service offers you a comfortable way to make your reservations over the web without the expense of having to buy hard copy airline ticket. With SriLankan Airlines you can make your reservation by selecting your trip information, city, and airline, providing and confirming your unique information and choosing how you want to make the payment.

Where can I get my flight tickets if I make a reservation now? If you make your reservation on-line, you will get an eTicket to the e-mail account you provided when you made your reservation. Is it possible to get a hard copy instead of an e-ticket when making an on-line reservation?

eTickets are nevertheless legally binding documentation and represent a comfortable way of transporting your ticketing. Are there any restrictions on the amount of free space I can use? Pay in advance and you can make your reservation up to 6 hrs before the planned start of your trip. It is not possible to make an on-line reservation for departures of more than 360 working days from now.

May I request a full reimbursement of my fare? Reimbursements are only possible for travel that has been made more than 48h before. If I am not travelling, can I use my travel pass to make an on-line reservation? You must, however, at least 24 hrs before the passenger (s) depart, present the appropriate documentation and pay a call to the closest Sri Lankan Airlines offices with the payment details of the payment made.

Lankan Airline's fly mile programme "FlySmiLes" is available with the sale of an airline pass to help faithful people. Kilometres are accrued on the basis of grade of service, price of tickets and route covered per flight. Kilometres accrued on the flight tickets can be used to advance to a higher level on select departures and allow entry to the Sri Lankan Airlines International Airports lounges, preferred luggage clearance, additional free luggage, dedicated airports check-in and more.

Lankan Airlines provides several check-in desks at the Sri Lankan Airlines airports which are open three hour before take-off. Inland check-in desks open 90 min before your flight departs. We recommend that airline passengers checking in at least two flights before their flight depart. Lankan Airlines also provides an on-line check-in available 24 to 2 hrs in advance.

The best fares from SriLankan Airlines! America?Direct States of America?Direct Flight routes of SriLankan Airlines leaving from the following airports.

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