Bbj 1

Byte 1

The BBJ1 is a fantastic plane and there are few better ways to travel. The 2012 BBJ-1 offers an exceptional 29 passengers VIP configuration, 7 tanks and a short total time. Winch Design's latest project owner wanted to create a flying home in a BBJ-1 for himself and his family. Mean fleet age *, 18.6 years.

BBJ1 is based on a 737-700 cell.

The BBJ-1 with Winch Design interior is a floating home.

Winch Design's latest development aimed to provide a home for himself and his extended range of BBJ-1 aircraft. It wanted spacious privacy and many opportunities to entertain corporate travellers on long flight departures. Definitive styling leads to a cabin that can hold up to 19 people.

There is a five-seater storage room with a dinner desk in the masterounge area. Folding sideboards ensure extra versatility when it comes to entertainment for your customers. A electrically operated slide glazed front behind the lounging area provides a blurred view of the owner's home area, where there is an executive area that can also be used as a refuge for visitors and members of the immediate families.

It is also possible to redesign the lounges to accommodate two comfortable twin berths for our customers. Designed to give you the comfort of home while you fly around the globe. Costs for the individual aircraft with the individual stateroom are around 90 million dollars. The Winch Group is a London domiciled yachting company.

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The BBJ does not lack much, primarily a 737 passenger cell with internal modification for business trips and extra petrol tank for continental use. It is the embodiment of everything that is wanted in a personal plane for those who can easily manage it. BBJ1 is built on a 737-700 cell.

BBJ2 and BBJ3 are built on the 737-800 and 737-900ER family. Please check out our group charters page if you would like to rent this airplane.

Specification of products

The 1:400 replica of our product line of die-cast airline metallic products represents the world's airline companies of yesterday and today. All our designs are extremely collectable and all our designs are available in small series. Like with all collector's items in restricted numbers, it is our politics not to re-issue a model that was previously out of stock. We' ve made great efforts to offer you a die-cast commercial jet that will replicate your favourite plane without compromising precision.

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