Small Bush Plane for Sale

Little Bush plane for sale

"It's an amazing little plane," Wolter said. Outstanding short field and slow handling performance. Home for bush pilots flying Cessna, Piper, Beach, DeHavilland planes.

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The Cessna, Piper, Beech, DeHavilland and other aircrafts suited for bushflight. What is the best bush plane? Perhaps some ask themselves: "What is Bushlying? The Bush flight relates to flight performed in isolated and harsh areas of the canyon. Often aeroplanes in the bush are fitted with floating equipment, skiers or large tyres.

On the photo above I started from Lake Hood, Alaska, in a Piper Super Cub with swimmers. However, the helicopter is often used in very isolated and hostile places like this. While some may consider a Denali coach ride a great experience, bush pilots are not similarly attracted.

It is our wish to be the place where serious bush pilots can find precious ressources and where those who do not travel in the bush can get an idea of what bush pilots do and do. The Bush flight occurred in isolated areas of northern Canada, where the shortage of road ways made it possible to transport needs (such as nutrition, medicines and construction materials) only by plane.

On the photo above I took a Champ from Palmer, Alaska and ended up near this secluded retreat. Whilst many travellers go to isolated areas of the globe, few really live these areas like bush planes. Below is an air photo of the ice under the Champ 6GC wings.

Bushflies are now practiced in Canada, Alaska, the Australia Outerback and the South. From a historical point of view, bush flights were only intended for the most adventure-hungry pilot, as there were often no navigational beamons in the bush and there was no chance of being rescued in the event of an accident. Nowadays, Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) and emergency choppers have made bush flight much easier for ordinary people.

Bush-aeros are operating routine on unrefined airports, which can hardly be more than relatively slippery areas, sandbanks at river banks or solid glacier sections. Getting in and out of these small stripes demands a lot of pilot skills and bush pilot are very skilled in precision flying at very low speed (as necessary for arrivals and departures).

Bushflowers often fly on stripes that demand the landing of the plane as soon as the ground is appropriate and brake a lot. Bush-gliders often have a tendency to be very independent guys who know how to survive in the wild. Often the hussky pilot's monster with an uncared for mustache shows exactly what the bush is like.

However, Wildbeards and tortured faces are not a requirement to be bush pilot, and today many wives are experienced bush pilot. Bush-flights are often restful for those who want to go to isolated areas, but they are still performed as a need in some parts of the globe like the autral Indian Outerback, Alaska or Canada.

From a historical perspective, faith missions often went into and out of the bush to meet those who were otherwise unattainable. Olexploration, environment assessment and surveys in isolated areas often demand the skill of bushvillers. A lot of bush pilot are enthusiastic fishermen, animal photographs and hunting enthusiasts. Talking of animal photos, the next photo shows a great bush plane that was found just outside Anchorage.

An aircraft with a high blade (wing above the fuselage) and a traditional undercarriage ("tail accelerator"). The Piper Super Cub, Cessna 180 and 185, and the DeHavilland Beaver - all with high blades and traditional undercarriage - are favourite aircraft in the bush.

Piper Cherokees and Cessna 206s are also used in the bush, but are not as popular with bush flyers. To have the wing up allows planes to touch down in small stripes covered with bush. Traditional undercarriages are preferred because of their robustness and aeronautical capabilities, which allow an aeroplane to take to the air faster than an aeroplane fitted with a three-wheel undercarriage.

Getting in the air quickly can be a big advantage when Mother Nature becomes unkind, as in the photo below. Maybe more than other forms of flight, bush flight evokes romance from audacious flyers who fly to strange places. A Super Cub or Beaver sight on a mountain range or in front of a steep mountain scenery has become a symbol of the bush pilot's life style in the aerospace industry.

With the growth of privately owned aircraft and the advent of rental and charters, bush flight has become a familiar and enjoyable experience for non-pilots.

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