Srilankan Airlines Sale

Sale of Srilankan Airlines

SriLankan Airlines Global Sale is coming soon! Sale in the middle of the year! Sale in the middle of the year! Reserve your tickets right now on-line, package up and set off. Simple on-line bookings at the push of a button, all of Europe to discover and surprising cost reductions - what's not to like?

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Sale of Srilankan Airlines

Please use the ULSALE promotional key and take advantage of this interesting promotion. Please be quick, the quote is only available for a restricted time. Please be quick, the special offers are only available until 31 March 2015. Special offers only available on selected SriLankan Airlines worldwide departures. Quotation applies only to selected SriLankan Airlines worldwide departures and is subject to the airline's General Business Policy.

Package holidays, tours reserved by tour operators or in connection with other offers are not subject to this special price quotation.

The majority of those who are not in favor of the sale of SriLankan Airlines: Survey

As various stories about the destiny of SriLankan Airlines crop up, a new year-end Business Times survey with survey partners Second curve found that most Sri Lanka are still not in favor of a full sale of the troubled, indebted domestic airlines. It contrasts with a similar survey in April 2016, in which those surveyed, most of whom represent the lower and higher strata, were in favor of the government leaving the airlines.

Recent survey showed that 44 percent of e-mail responders said yes to selling SriLankan Airlines, 36 percent. Seven percent said no, and nineteen percent were U. April 2016 e-mail survey showed 78. 6% say "no" to the government that runs and controls the airlines.

Road reaction this year was 47 percent against the sale of the carrier, while 29 percent said "Yes" and 24 percent were "U". Similar to the April 2016 road survey, where 52 percent of those surveyed said the government should remain in charge and ownership of the carrier. It is also interesting to note the survey carried out last weekend in Colombo (e-mail and on the street) and Galle (on the street) that the road survey participants in Colombo were against the sale of the air company with a scant 67 per cent " No", while the inhabitants of Galle with 45 percents " Y" and only 28 percents " No" (do not sell) for the sale of the air company.

Colombo/Galle's total road share was 47 percent "N" votes. Surveys in December 2017 and April 2016 show that opinions about what should happen to the carrier have shifted and may be largely due to the many evolutions over the last 20 month in which the carrier has fought through its operation, which has been hit by cumulative loss.

Recent surveys on various topics have been carried out over the last two week, and asked about their 2018 aspirations and ideas. a) Problem-free February election; b) transparent and good government in the government sectors; c) sale of SriLankan Airlines; d) continuation of street protest; and e) reducing national indebtedness.

A road survey in both towns was carried out by Second Curve of 300 participants (formerly RCB- Research Consultancy Bureau). For the other four issues, the e-mail and road surveys showed more coherence and similar answers. When asked "Problem-free elections," 93 percent of e-mail responders answered "yes," while 60 percent came from the streets.

82 percent (e-mail) and 50 percent (street) said "yes" to "transparency and governance". Even the reaction to "continuing road protests" was not unexpected: 69 percent (e-mail) and 45 percent (road) said "no". However, here 34 percent said "yes" and 21 percent "U", which would mean that a majority on the road is either for sustained protest or insecure.

Concerning the "reduction of national debt", 79 percent (e-mail) said "yes", while 52 percent (street) said "no", which means that this is unlikely or they do not anticipate it.

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